Oh No!

       I don’t get to giddy about celebrities.  I like to watch great athletes play ball, great musicians shred and I love to watch great actors.  But I really like to laugh, a lot.  And the funniest person that I have ever seen on movies, TV, youtube, emails, no matter the medium, Robin Williams was the funniest person walking the Earth.  I like Ron White, Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.  But in my opinion, Robin Williams was the funniest of them all.  And he could do it while being pretty clean. The guy was great at making people laugh and think. 

Movies–Sure, you start this list with Mrs. Doubtfire–no other person could have played that role.  Good Morning Vietnam is an all-time great movie & once again, no other person could have played that role.  Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, The Fisher King, Dead Poet’s Society, Moscow on the Hudson and a Kelln all-time favorite movie, The World According to Garp.  The guy could play comedy, serious, whatever, it didn’t matter.

Stand Up Comedy–The guy could kill it with the best of them.  I don’t think there was much rehearsal.  He just rolled it.

YouTube/Email–Look up some of the video of this clown entertaining our troops.  You will spend a lot of hours sitting at the computer, laughing while the Dragon Lady is telling you to be quiet and saying, “Just because you don’t sleep, doesn’t mean the rest of us want to be up all night.”  And if you really want to laugh, find the videos of Jonathon Winters and Robin Williams together.  

TV–Alright, you start with the obvious “Mork & Mindy”.  Nano Nano.  Then you bring up the “2 Wild & Crazy Guys” from Saturday Night Live.  But where I loved watching Robin Williams was when he would be a guest on Carson, Leno, Larry King or my favorite, Letterman.  They wouldn’t schedule anybody else as a guest when Robin Williams was scheduled.  Why?  Because he was capable of just “going off” and taking over the show.  Completely unscripted.  Letterman wouldn’t hardly talk.  He would just laugh, shake his head and try to keep up.  Larry King just said on TV, “When you interviewed him, you could only hope to just play along.”

Politics–Sure, lots of comedians like to bash politicians.  He did it.  But he also always had a plan as to what we actually needed to do to fix the problems he was making fun of.  

A couple of years ago, I was asked, “If you could party with any celebrity, who would it be with?”  I said, “I have never smoked weed, so that rules out Willie.  So, I’d like to have a full ice chest and go to a stock show with Robin Williams and Tommy Milligan.”  They said, “What?”  I repllied that I can have a large time all by myself.  Throw in Milligan and $h!t gets sideways in a hurry.  Now add the funniest man alive, watching a stock show and I’m pretty sure that we could make a movie out of that deal.  Plus, I’d be the tallest.”

There was no doubt that this guy was scary smart.  This dude had a gift to make you feel.  Not just to make you laugh, but he made you feel.  Think about the movies, you felt his characters.  His comedy was funny because it made you think and you felt it.  It’s just too bad, he was feeling some unbearable pain.