Oh Lucky Day

     So, here it is.  Two blogs, two days in a row.  You better go buy a lottery ticket as it is your lucky day.  I am just packed full of worthwhile info.  First, the favorite daughter was pretty stoked to get to pick up the Emmy Award tickets for her bosses.  She had them in hand.  I’ve got pics.  No.  She didn’t get to attend the Emmy’s, but the people that she works for (The Amazing Race) did win an Emmy.  It’s always cool to be a part of something big.  You gotta start somewhere.  

     I’ve told her that when she is ready to win an Emmy/Oscar just let me know.  I will either 1) go to Hollywood Blvd and buy her one of those fake trophies.  Or 2)  Send her a script that will make piles of cash.  All I want out of the deal is for Duke and I to have the token cameo appearances.  And maybe a few of my peoples to get some screen time.  And I am pretty sure that the script would not be G rated.  

       As far as the ALS ice bucket challenge.  Yes, the Dragon Lady and I have both been called out.  Yes, I am and now, WE both are past our 24 hours.  Yes, I will write a check, the bigger check.  And yes, we will still both do the challenge and call some others out.  Who cares if they do it in 24 hours as long as they send the money?   Which is what this whole deal is about anyways.  Raising cash to fund research for a cure. Duke called a few out the other evening.  One did NOT do the ice bucket challenge.  Instead he replied with “It is hot, dry and ice is hard to come by.  I’ll just send a check.  I need that ice to keep the beverages cold.”   It’s all good. 

      I’ve been getting more and more calls regarding coccidi problems.  If your usual medication isn’t working, get some Marquis.  Drench about 3 ccs with it (for 20-60 #ers), then hit him again in a week.  All ruminants have coccidi in their gut.  It is when the levels spike that cause problems.  Make sure salt and mineral are available to all animals, especially ones that aren’t dead nuts healthy.  Give grass hay to keep rumens healthy.  If you use Corid, then you better follow up with a thiamine booster shot.  

      Do not be afraid to give 3/4 cc of Draxxin sub Q (under the skin & this is for a 40-70 pounder).  It can be amazing what a high level anti-biotic can do to perk an animal up.  Sometimes an animal has sub-clinical problems that you just don’t see.  They don’t have a snotty nose or the shits, but they just aren’t 100%.  They are eating, but not doing as well as they should.  

      And anytime you give an animal an injection, follow up a day or so later with probiocin.  Just make it standard practice.  Some medicals are hard on a gut.  

     Oh, Oh, (with arm waving like an 8th grader wanting to answer the question), Oh, Oh,–And anytime that you have a wether or young buck a little sick, start watching for signs of urinary calculi.  Yep, kidney stones. 

      Speaking of lucky, where’s the Dragon Lady?  Oww!! That was a quick reply.  No winning #ers on this card tonight.  

p.s.  I did have a tear or two in my good eye, watching Billy Crystal do the memorial for Robin Williams on the Emmy’s tonight.  How about that Lauren Bacall?  She was smokin’ when it was black and white and then translated well into color pics.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.