You mean that a blog is supposed to be a daily deal?  Not here it ain’t.  The terms out-of-time, un-inspired and SOL come to mind.  Although, I do realize that my last post was the past Friday and it might have had something to do with Motley Crue.  

      Yes.  It was LOUD!!    Real LOUD!!   What?  Have I ever said, “If it’s too loud, then you’re too loud.”?  Yes.  Yes, I have.  And I still mean it.  But, this was loud.  However, Yes.  Alice Cooper and the Crue put on a show.  Both bands were way good.  Vince Neil isn’t as good as he was in ’91, but by using proper “showmanship”, they managed to let him hit the highlights, then hid the rest.  Other than that, the Crue still rocks.  Great show.   

      I don’t have much else (not true) other than I saw a guy from the Old Country(Shattuck) at the concert.  He was in charge of distribution of products for some Anhowsyour company.  This dude could & did throw a wicked baseball back in the day.  There was a taxi cab ride after the concert.  (the driver shut the meter off for most of the tour and I quote in a middle eastern accent, “I never have nobody buy me supper at McDonald’s.  This crazy.  I no charge  you for this.  This big fun.  But why you order 14 cheeseburgers?”)   All I know is that, last Friday night/early Saturday AM, not many hungry people in the out-skirts of Bricktown of OKC.  If you have questions, direct inquiries to Brandon The Bruce of Mutual.  

       Yes, it was fun.  No laws were broken.  Nobody got hurt.  Yes, I would do it again. My accomplices would too.  Looking back from ’91 to now…..ohh, oww, somewhere, I got old.  Then, I came home and sold a butt-load of goats this weekend.  I just wish that I would have had more to sell.  

      O, I have more thoughts of the goat industry.  But those will have to wait.