Not your night

     For those of you wanting, hoping for a classic sideways post on here….well, it’s not your night.  I’m not mad or upset.  I’m just tired.  I had somebody tell me today that the blogs happened more often and way more interesting when I had fewer goats and I wasn’t teaching.  My friend…you would be correct.  

       Tuesday was a day that will make any ex-ag teacher cringe and current ones cuss.  It was Blue & Gold and DJ’s meat products delivery day.  There is no easy way to deal with this.  Although both companies provide excellent products that are easy to sell, it is still a huge PITA.  

      Saw a blog post today that reminded me of my current ag teaching position.  “We are looking for somebody with the wisdom a 50 year old, the experience of a 40 year old, the drive of a 30 year old and willing to work for the pay scale of a 20 year old.”  Shattuck got at least 2 of the 4.  I’m just not sure which 2.  Especially, considering what some oilfield workers at 20 years of age are making.  

     One thing about unloading a truck full of meat products, as an ag teacher, you remember what it is like to deal with the Ag Mechers.  My buddy Mikey Robinson, used to refer to those kids that would work hard, sell sausage, pay their dues, build good shop projects, setup tables for the reunion dinner, take pride in their work, setup panels for the stock show, but would NOT show, give a speech, judge or do anything that brought attention to themselves as “ag mechers”.  They are the really good kids that make the world go round.  You know, the kind that always has a job, aren’t on welfare, they get married, have kids and their kids sell lots of sausage and so on, it is a good cycle.  

      The DJ’s truck was there early.  We caught boys as they showed up to school early.  They went to unloading and stacking frozen meat stuff.  The Dragon Lady showed up to help.  I sent her for donuts.  It is amazing how appreciative high school boys are when donuts are on the menu.  

     If you are looking to buy wether goats, well, tonight is not your night.  I am real sure that there are VERY few wethers left in captivity.  Pfeiffer’s are having a sale on Friday night.  That is your best bet at this point.  

     I lost an arm wrestling contest with a 2nd grader.  He was selling Boy Scout popcorn.  We wrestled if I would buy 1 box or 4.  I lost.  It was fun.  If you need some popcorn, I’ve got extras.  I thoroughly enjoy those moments when you just can’t put a price tag on it.  Might seem retarded, but you can’t replicate those kinds of deals.  

     I’m having one of those evenings where things are just pretty good.  It is my night.  Have a good one.