Not that OLD!!

We hauled kids to COLT conference this week.  Chapter Officer Leadership Training was held in Enid, OK on the 24th.  Officers are in official dress and the advisors need to be dressed up as well.  Coat, tie, slacks and my favorite smooth-quill ostrich dress boots for my part.  Pics have to be taken.  I have always let the kids choose where we eat for lunch.

I have always felt like we are dressed to the hilt, so let’s go eat something good.  This year, the kids chose Freddy’s.  As in a fast food Freddy’s burgers.  I like Freddy’s, especially their jalapeño fry sauce.  They are good but dang dudes.  Not what I had in mind.  The kids chose, so there we go.

While standing in line to order a burger, I looked at the guy running the register.  He was wearing safety glasses.  I mean like ANSI Z 87+ quality safety glasses.  And..what in the hell…he has a pair of black eyes.  So, of course, I am studying this deal.  The black eyes don’t look like somebody got their ass-whipped black eyes.  He kind of acts a bit off…I don’t know…maybe I shouldn’t ask him about the glasses or the black eyes.  He kind of has the look of someone that walked into a closed door.  IDK.  Against my better judgement, I decide not to bring it up.

I go to pay for Mrs. Abbey and I’s meal and he says, “Wait.  Don’t put the card in yet, I need to include your discount.”

Alright, alright, alright.  I wait, he tells me to insert card, I follow instructions.  I pay.  Get the receipt and our order #.  I sit down at a table and I wonder–hunh? How much is the discount?  So I look at the receipt.

WTF?  RUSM?   This can’t be right.  I could have kept all of this to myself.  But NOOO!! I showed Mrs. Abbey.  I asked, “Do you see anything off about this receipt?”

She looks at it, studies it and then says, “I guess you ordered a burger with pickles, mustard and NO onions.”

JEEZZZ!?!?   No!   She then looks at it and “Oh,  “HHAAAAAAAAA!!!!  This is awesome!”

At this juncture in time, I see the Aline-Cleo ag teacher checking his receipt for his customer #.  So, I ask, “What kind of discount did you get?”   He studied his paper and replied, “I didn’t get any discount.”   SON OF  A female dog!!

I really don’t have an issue with getting a SENIOR CITIZEN discount.  $2.28 were saved.   However, here are my problems.

1–I should have asked the clown about his black eyes and the safety glasses.  I could have gotten $2.28 worth of a story out of this deal.  I decided to be nice and it didn’t work out.

2–I like and respect Mr. Randy Pullan.  One of the all-time great livestock guys.  I could write a blog about the Pullan family.  (might have to one of these days)  But he is in his upper fifties.  I’m not.  Just saying that he is older than me and looks older than me.

3–The school was paying for this meal.  So, I did not actually save $2.28 from this deal.  I got kicked in the nuts and the school saved $2.28.

4–I have a feeling that those two black eyes and the safety glasses were a result of somebody else getting a senior citizens discount that really didn’t want one.

In all actuality, I was not offended by the discount.  Mrs. Abbey has gotten $200 and 28 dollars worth out of this story.  The kids loved the story.

All in the day….I hope all of you have a great one and a better tomorrow.  Here’s to nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks for most of you and a pile of quasi-offensive discounts for the rest of you.

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