Not stupid…just ignorant

We are surrounded by stupid people.  Stupid is all around.  And stupid people reproduce.  Always.  However, some really aren’t stupid, they are just ignorant.  I don’t like ellen.  Never have.  I don’t find her funny.  I don’t care for her politics.  In reality, I don’t pay her much mind.  But, I have never thought of her as stupid.  She obviously is not stupid.  ellen is smart and has built a brand and empire around her.  She is just ignorant.  Ignorant of the facts.

To me, and most of you as well, it is all common sense.  But to those like ellen that have not been a part of the production of food–plant or animal, it is NOT common sense.  Here’s what they don’t know (and they really don’t care but…)

Each and every creature was put on this Earth for a specific purpose.  The honey bee may very well be the most important.  I like koalas, penguins and warthogs.  I’m also real fond of the animals that make steaks, hamburgers, bacon, smoked pork loins and ribs.  I digress.  Take a look at our cattle operation.  These creatures were developed and put here by a higher power.  They have a perfect design to eat plants that I would not nor cannot eat myself.  These cows can eat grass THAT is growing on otherwise un-usable land.  This land is not fit to grow crops that people would consume.  It wouldn’t make a good golf course or ball field.  So, these cows can use land that is not otherwise used to in order eat plants that aren’t meant for human consumption and in turn, they make protein.  Some of the best protein that this world has ever seen.  And yours, mine, all of our ancestors have eaten beef and other large ruminants.  Not an opinion, just a fact.

My accountant can show you that it would be cheaper for me to BUY hay than it has been to grow this stuff.  Fuel, fertilizer, swathing, baling.  The production of plants is not cheap.  I can produce meat protein cheaper with less fuel than I can produce plant protein.  Not an opinion.  Just facts.

And yes, these cows fart while digesting this grass.  Yes, farts are made of methane.  Guess what?  Ellen farts when she digests her impossible burger or bean based protein shake.  You know what?  I fart too after bacon, steaks, burgers, fajitas, tacos, ribs.  We all do.  The cows, pigs, goats, the little celebrity dogs, all of us mammals give off gas.  And they always have.  Bison, elephants, elk, deer, rural people, city people, rich, poor, black, white, no matter what…we all give off gas.

The cool thing is the fact that by all of us giving off gasses that are high in Carbon Dioxide, we actually are making plants healthier.  Since, plants actually NEED carbon dioxide in order to complete the dang neart perfect chemical equation called—Photosynthesis.  Yes, plants need co2 so that they can make glucose and oxygen.  Plants do this to make the grass that the cows eat, the kale that high rent people eat, the taters that I crave and the beyond meat burgers that are in style.  And as a result, no matter what you ate, you fart, giving off more co2 which helps the plants.  Common sense.  Sure.  But no to all.

Eating beef is a first world kind of deal in all actuality.  Look at the countries that consume the most beef.  The US of A, Germany, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, France, Brazil, etc.  Why?  Common sense.  First, these countries have large areas of grassland.  Two, we can afford to eat beef.  Beef takes longer to produce–average age a of a butcher steer is 18 months.  And they eat a lot.  Eating beef has always been a high level type of diet.  Don’t believe me, read the bible.  Numerous passages about killing “the fatted calf” for special occasions.

Now, are we going to get in a discussion about feedlot produced cattle?  Sure can.  That corn, silage, etc.  was not meant for human consumption.  So, cattle in a feedlot eat this stuff and make even tastier beef.  Have there been abuses in confined animal feeding operations.  Yep.  Sure.  Just the same as some high end people have owned private islands and entertained other high end humans to abuse other humans.  Common sense to you or I.  There are stupid people amongst all walks of life.

But starving people could eat that stuff instead of those farting cattle. NO!  Taste the corn that cattle are fed.  I dare you.  Starving people would be better off if we could figure out how to use the PREPARED FOOD that is wasted at restaurants, everyday.  Your guilty.  I’m guilty.  We have all chunked excellent food because we were full or didn’t like something.  Once again, a first world problem.

Then, there are goats.  The most consumed meat on the planet is goat meat. This is hard to believe in America.  But common sense shows us why goat is eaten worldwide.  1–No religious implications.  2–Cheap to keep around.  I’m not talking about these damn show goats.  We are discussing real goats.  They eat things that other animals won’t eat.  I can put a bale of crab grass or bermuda in with calves.  Goats that are in the same pasture will not eat it. 3–They reproduce quickly and kids can be butchered in a couple of months.  4–You could have a milk goat–breed her, get a couple of kids, milk her, then eat the kids.  MOST of the world likes this creature.

I though goats were cool until I penned them up, fed them high quality feed stuffs and tried to make them into a creature other than what GOD intended.  It is no wonder doe goats are satanic.  They were meant to be a free-roaming, browsing animal that did it’s own thing.  Most goat breeders don’t even understand this fact.  They aren’t stupid.  Just ignorant.

The stupid people…. are all of us…. in agriculture.  We sit back and watch/listen/read about what some celebrity mouthpiece says about agriculture or meat.  We get pissed.  We need to be teaching people about agriculture.  They don’t know.  They aren’t stupid.  They are just several generations removed from agriculture and therefore, ignorant of the facts.  Big business that produces food products understands the difference between stupid and ignorant.  Advertising.  Watch tv commercials.  They are targeting a certain audience.  And that audience is WAY BIGGER than any of us.

Non GMO wheat products. There are ZERO GMO wheat products.  Why?  Because there hasn’t been any GMO wheat used yet.  False advertising to say that their product is NON GMO?  No.  Just not truthful.  They are playing on the fact that consumers are ignorant.  Guess what pasta brands are the highest sellers–the ones that advertise non gmo.  Nongenemodiscuit–a triscuit with no gmo wheat.  Guess what?  All wheat based crackers/biscuits are non gmo.  EVERY damn triscuit ever sold is a nongenemodiscuit.

      Same with chicken.  Oh, and the whole world eats chickens.  Chickens and goats.  No religious implications.  Easy to keep.  Multi purpose.  But, there are companies that advertise antibiotic free or hormone free chickens.  What?  Those ads look good.  But think how many shoppers choose the “free” everything chicken.  There is a good chance that their snot-nosed kid is on antibiotics and mom as well as daughter are taking birth control pills.   However, there has been an industry wide ban of using hormones in poultry for decades.  So, basically, all US chickens are hormone free.  Unlike the humans that are on hormones for attitude, emotions, low t, estrogen replacement, sexual frustrations, athletic success, healing, whatever.

       And the anti-biotic claim?  Just like people, chickens get sick.   One person at school or work gets sick, most  everyone there will get sick.  Animals are no different.  And when a barn of chickens get sick, they use antibiotics to get them well.  Why?  Otherwise, the whole barn will get sick and possibly die.  Just like people, a dose of meds is needed.  

        So, how does a company advertise “anti-biotic free” chicken when it is impossible for all chickens to be antibiotic free?  The barns that didn’t get sick and get meds are “free” and sold as such.  The barn that got sick?   Well, that barn of birds gets sold under a different name, at a cheaper price and in a product like say, chicken strips at a fast food joint, restaurant or school where that same snot-nosed kid is going to eat it.  Not stupid.  Just ignorant consumers.    

        Judging from the comments about the cover songs post, this was a popular topic.  The first comment came in via text at 4:45 am on Saturday.  I had some omissions that I did not know about.  Sure enough, Skynyrd had a cover song or two, Haggard had some.  But I also got a drunk text from a goat shower that I know that mentioned that I should never have a list without Motley Crue or Ozzy.  Well, they didn’t do many cover songs.  However, the Crue did have a big hit with a cover song that I should have had on the tip of my typing fingers.  “Smoking in the Boys Room” was originally done by Brownsville Station.  But the Crue did it better.  Not stupid.    Not ignorant.  I just forgot about that one.  

People, I don’t post on a real regular basis.  But, when I do, the word count has been like Cheech & Chong—really high!!

Have a good one today and a better one tomorrow.  I dealt with an exceptionally good group of kids today and guess what?  I get a different set tomorrow that may be even better.

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