Not since…

at leat ’86 or ’87.  I don’t remember for sure.  I hated picking this crap out of Dad’s garden when I was a kid.  The plants were spiny and would almost stick you.  Not like a sandbur, but just enought that it would piss you off if you didn’t have gloves on.  I tried eating it back in the 80s and hated it.  Fried, pickled, whatever, it didn’t matter, this crap was a weed and I didn’t want any part of it.

      Then in the early 90s, Kela was little.  Real little.  She was still wearing a diaper, but was able to open the fridge door at my parents’ house.  She got a jar of pickled okra and ate the whole jar.  The WHOLE jar.  That diaper was horrendous.  I didn’t change many diapers, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t change that diaper but I was present when the Dragon Lady took that plastic container of black BBs off of her naked butt.  Bad! Real Bad!  Use the garden hose!  

      Now, fast forward to 2015.  I needed to order a few more dollars worth of seeds in order to get the big discount.  So, I filled the slots with some crap that I thought would sell.  Okra.  Duke and I planted the seeds.  100% germination.  Much like a weed.  These plants are so weed-like that I didn’t kill them with 2-4D drift.  As the plants grew, I thought that they didn’t look like the terrorist plants of my youth.  There weren’t any spines, the pods looked, well, almost edible.  No way that I would eat this crap.

     Then I walk in tonight and the Dragon Lady has some fried okra on a plate.  It looked edible.  I looked, then walked off.  I came back.  It was cooled off and didn’t look like okra.  Without her looking, I made sure that they were cool, then I ate one.  I got caught on the 2nd one.  No ranch, just breaded fried okra.  It was good.  I ate one more and I am still amazed.  The people behind the genetics of these plants have worked wonders.  They have removed a bunch of negatives of the plants.  But made it edible.  

      I am now worried.  What other stuff is now edible?  Tomatoes….not raw, only in salsa.  Zuchinni….I’m out.  Squash….nope.  Bell peppers….NEVER!!!  However, I just got done eating the best taters that I have ever had.  Duke and I will double down on this variety next year.  He will only sell a few pounds this year as I will keep the rest for myself.  I have and always will love a dang good tater.  

       And as for goats, WOW!  Helms sold some top notch females and they brought a top notch price.  I love it.  He’ll be able to buy steak and taters for another year.  Cheers!  Here’s to a good day, but a better tomorrow.  

PS–As I am writing this, the 80s classic movie Three Amigos! is on the boob toob.  I have seen several sets of kids out of the buck 3 Amigos. This dude is going to work.  And work WAY GOOD!  I’m getting ready to make arrangements to breed some does to him.  Wait, wait, watch, kind of like okra…if you wait long enough, it gets good.