Not Much

     I’ve got all  you would ever want to read, but when it comes down to it, to be honest, I really don’t have much.  I did have, but then I clicked on facebook first.  And the wheels fell off.  I like Koalas.  And when I saw a facebook link to a craigslist ad for selling a used Koala….well, I just had to read that ad.  Look it up.  It is funny.  Obviosuly, GumNut isn’t the ideal pet.  

      Since 1996, one old barber has cut my hair.  Obviously, I haven’t been picky.  I just liked it.  On this night, I let a chick in Shattuck cut my hair.  I didn’t care how it looked.  I just wanted it shorter.  The ironic thing…this hair dresser is about 6’3″–not so short.  The hair, however, is shorter and grayer.  8 PM appointment and the Dragon Lady also had her eyebrows waxed–yep, this chick got a tip.  

      After tripping through the facebook Koala ad, I saw a top Christmas Vacation quotes.  Like a vacuum, I was sucked in–ZWHOOMPH!!!–sucked in.  Got to read that.  I love that movie and the associated quotes.  I will NEVER be able to watch that movie too many times.  

      The last of the December born flush kids was born at 3:13 AM this morning.  Now, the first live breeding is due….today, tonight, hopefully, soon.  I don’t need much sleep, but I am ready for some…yeah, that too.  

     Make sure your stock is getting plent to drink.  Keep your show goats blanketed–multiple layers are needed.