Not fun

     No matter what we do, none of us can avoid death.  It’s going to get all of us at some point.  It just isn’t fun when you have to deal with it on a personal note.  In honor of my buddy Tommy Milligan, I would have to say that the word of the day is sorrow.  Tommy lost his mother today.  She lost her battle but Tommy said that she went with ease.  

    I’m not very good at funerals or weddings.  Although, I do remember a few fun wedding receptions, kind of.  I don’t want to even have to think about burying anybody.  I would rather be the first to go, then the rest can decide what to do with my carcass.  I’ve told Tammy and Kela for years that they are supposed to have a hole dug, roll me into it and push the dirt back in.  Kela says that Duke is in charge of my disposal, which means that it will probably get done half-assed and some coyotes will dig me up.  

     I respect those that can handle the loss as well as take care of making the arrangements.  I was extremely fortunate that I had many, many years with all of my grandparents.  Both of my kids spent memorable time with their great grandparents.  My mom and my dad, were the ones on both sides to handle the arrangements when my grandparents passed.  If my parents go before me, well, then it is a good thing that I have a pair of brothers that will see to it that things are done properly.  There are some things that I’m not good at.  It would be better for all of my family if I wasn’t the last one standing, but since I am a model of physical health, I will probably live to be 98.  Just think about how sunny of a personality I will have at that point.  

      It’s evenings like this that Tommy and Julie should just hug those two boys a little more, maybe hug each other, cry a bit and remember the good times.  Our prayers go out to the Milligan family.