Not fun but kind of fun

Saturday was our scheduled day to clip and photo yearling bucks.  The weather report was warning of cold.  Fine.  We weren’t prepared for the wind.  Should have been but nobody warned us.

I’ve been on a very tight schedule lately, so I did not load all the bucks and haul to Perry like I have in years past.  Instead, Braden Schovanec, Blaine Rue, Duke and I tackled them all.  Blaine & Braden clipping.  Duke and I washing and blowing.  Braden setting up bucks.  Duke running the camera.  Me barking some orders & keeping this crew in pizza.  It went really smooth.  These kids know how to work.

Duke and I had already trimmed hooves, washed and clipped front ends.  We had repeatedly caught, braced and set each goat up.  Putting on an online sale is not as simple as grab a goat and take a pic.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes and ahead of time.

On Saturday, we dealt with wind and lots of it.  It was supposed to be overcast–YES–overcast is good for photography.  But, a very bright sun kept jumping out at inopportune times. We made it work.

Then, we headed over to Woodward to photo some Jan. born kids.  The Cockrehams had these washed and dried.  We clipped and photoed.  It went well.
But, a not fun kind of day got fun.  Once goats were pictured, an actual trivial pursuit game broke out.  Who won?  No need to ask.  When it comes to worthless info…that is right up my alley.  Then steaks were grilled.  Best photo shoot ever.  Good goats, fun game, great food and even better people.  Braden and Blaine each headed home to do chores.  Tyke and I went home to do chores and do important stuff which consisted of watching Talladega Nights.  Duke and Tammy were dealing with prom stuff.

Pictures of yearling bucks and young kids will be up later this week.  There are some fun goats in each of these sets.

Have a good one.

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