Not Fun

The last few days brought us some of the worst weather that I have ever witnessed in this part of the world.  Temps–Thursday it was a hundred degrees.  Friday night it was in the mid 20s.  Still no rain.  And the wind.  Oh jeeminy!  What a brutal wind for several days straight.

Thursday brought fires north of Woodward and south of Vici.  Friday saw a repeat with Dewey County losing lots of acres of land.  Lots of homes, barns, fences, hay stacks and livestock have been lost.  Fortunately, most people have been safe.  Thank you to all of the volunteer fire fighters that have fought these fires.  Saturday brought a relentless wind.

Some of these people north of Woodward have lost homes, land and livestock three years in a row.  Prayers are needed for the people and for rain.

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