Not enough time

       I don’t have time to write much.  Me being busy means that I am probably not in trouble with anybody.  


      It is amazing how many people deal with plantar fasciitis.  One foot or both.  Jamie Kratzer sent me a message about Ariat shoes designed just for this deal.  Now, much like Forrest Gump, I look at everybody’s shoes.  Comfort is king.  Chris Cockreham showed up with some Heel Savers.  Gave a brand new box of em to me.  He said, “A guy gave me a set when he was gimpy.  And I’m just passing the info on.”  Thanks people.  They work.   Feels weird at first but no pain.  Why don’t the doctors know to prescribe this stuff?  

     Trailer sales.  Equipment sales.  I may need to do another equipment sale.  I don’t have anymore of the army feeders but other than that I could have another copy sale of the last one.  Yes, I have another trailer. 

       Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  

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