Back in the 80’s, there was an excellent song called “Nobody”.  This was a big hit back then and it has held up to the tests of time.  The artist known as Sylvia sang this diddy.  This song and another of hers reached #1 on the country charts, otherwise we would call her a one hit wonder.  I thoroughly love the lyrics and song writing of this song.   “Nobody” and George Straits’s “The Chair” are a couple of hit songs that are hard to replicate.  Very unique written words set to tunes and then the delivery.  I love ’em!

How come there isn’t a big time buck named “Nobody”?  It seems to me that a bunch of Texas rental bucks should be named Nobody.  I mean, Nobody knows exactly what they are out of, how they are bred and Nobody, well except for Nobody knows how to market them.  And Nobody knows what to breed them back to.  Well, other than…. Aahh,yeah…. Nobody.

Your nobody bred another doe today, and all we know is that it is the closest thing to 900 ever.  Do we keep the doe kids?  Yes!  And use another nobody? Aahh yeah and I wonder do they think that they are being clever?  Aahh yeah, always clever, oohh, oohh!   And trust me, it will be…. even better.

And therein lies one of the biggest problems in the goat industry.  Nobody really knows what the heck they are actually dealing with when it comes to genetics.  Nobody has infiltrated the show goat industry (and you papered goaters don’t need to be smirking), there is a goat or three that Nobody made their mark on years ago AND your nobody is all over the industry–papered or not-YOUR nobody is loved even better than the real stuff.  AND you all even know which goat(s) it was!!!

I’m just a nobody in this industry. Just a nobody that has been to the mountain top(s) and I have seen behind the curtains.  This nobody understands marketing and understands genetics, not just goats.  I understand what Nobody is up to.  I, however, don’t understand what they rest of you are thinking.  Why a nobody?  You said Nobody..oooh Nobody.

I’ve never named a doe Sylvia, but I might and she might need to become papered.  Well, at least percentage.  HAAAA!!!

You clowns can’t even argue.  I’m right.  And that was/is a bad donkey song.   Said Nobody.  Actually, everybody.

This isn’t aimed at nobody. Nobody doesn’t care.  This is for all of you …aahh yeahhh…..clowns that keep writing checks to nobody and not really getting much.

Have a good one.  This was fun.



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