No when to say when

I survived another week of teaching.  We got word this morning that Shattuck FFA had the grand champion ag mechanics project at the Tulsa State Fair.  This evening I turned does in with bucks.  I tagged baby calves.  Tammy and I checked mini-herfs.  She didn’t want to cook and I didn’t want to clean up so…..Charlie’s it was.

Our neighbors, Larry & Marilyn Nickeson were already there.  So, we shared a table and solved all problems in the southern Fargo region of Ellis County.

The stars are shining bright, we need a good rain and life is good.  I’m not going to waste a bunch of words. Sometimes, yes sometimes, I know when to say when.  I’m done.  Have a good one.  And here’s to nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks to you people.

And then….I know not to do this, but…I’m stupid and not very smart, so send me a message about a blog topic.  You write it.  Keep it clean.  Keep it on some kind of quasi goat/Kelln type topic ( which means it is wide open).  Keep it to somewhere about 1,500 words.  In order to keep the damn $chinese from hacking this deal…..send it to my last  Make it a cool, relevant topic.  It will be after Tulsa before I post this deal.  I’ve offered the keyboard to the Dragon Lady before.  She wanted NO part.  Here’s your chance to come up with something cool. If you want it no-name. Fine.  If you want your name slathered all over it.  Get after it.  Basically, have fun with it.  My blog can be your blog.  Bring it.  Yes, there is a chance of numerous guest bloggers.

I’m not smart.

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