No Shows

It is a known fact that I like to listen to good music.  I don’t care what the genre is, as long as it is good.  I had the opportunity to go watch the Shattuck Jr & Sr High School choirs perform their spring concert tonight. Way talented bunch of kids.  And the adults that help are obviously doing something right.  It is amazing that these meatheads can sound that good.  And they have the hardware to back it up. Lots of plagues and tropies from Tri-State, All State, and all those other choir contests.  Hats off to a job well done!

Speaking of good music, George Jones is a country music icon that comes with lots of stories.  I haven’t seen him live, but George Jones has some all time great hits and he wrote even more.  He has several nicknames–like the Possum and No Show Jones.  The latter is not a cool thing.  

I had an appointment to get my haircut today.  These ladies squeezed me in.  Normally, they are both busy styling hair with more waiting.  Not today.  One of them started shearing my hair.  As she did, I noticed that the hair falling onto the tarp that was covering me, well, this hair was not salt & pepper anymore.  It was just really salty.  But, at least I still have a full head of hair.  

Now back to the no show part.  I kind of asked if this was a slow day. Nope.  Just a bunch of no shows and cancellations.  I even made the comment, “I bet that this is more of a male problem than a female thing?”  Nope.  Some of these customers regularly cancel and re-schedule.  I then said, “I wouldn’t be afraid to fire a customer if they do this consistently.  If they do this on a regular basis, then make them stop.  They can go elsewhere, but they only will a time or two.  They will be back.  Break them to lead.”

No shows are not a good thing in any industry.  They waste time and cost money.  I am sure that these ladies could have scheduled other customers for today if they weren’t already booked full.  I can tell you that mechanic shops schedule to make sure that there is always consistent work.  I guarantee you that medical practices stack the books in order to keep the chutes full at all times.  This would also include your local veterinarians.  Think of it as working cattle.  There might be one in the headgate, with several head in the alley and a few more in the tub.  If you need to take a phone call, fine.  The calves are waiting on you.  But there is steady work.  Of course, this is a two way street.  You better keep the line moving and do quality work or the the customer will go elsewhere.  

So, the next time you are waiting somewhere, it is probably because of no shows.  If you are a no show problem, don’t gripe when waiting.  People that rely on keeping a chair full in order to make a living are better off always having a few waiting a couple of minutes.  No shows cost all of us.