It was a very nice evening in this part of the world.  The wind wasn’t howling like a gutshot comanche on a black & white western movie.  It was still dry, but at least the wind wasn’t kicking the dog out of every living being–plant or animal.  But, it looks like the wind machine is going to fire back up next week along with the thermostat turned up.  

     I’ve been baching (batching–neither seems right)  it for the past day or two.  The rest of my crew is in OKC at a wedding. It is a special event if I show up to a wedding.  Most weddings, funerals, graduations, photo-ops, etc. are just a little better off if I don’t attend.    I have been known to show up to a after-wedding party or two, however.

      Anyways, I spent the evening doing chores and cruising Ellis County on the gator with the corgis.  Not at all a bad evening.   It was actually nice.  No matter what I do, it is hard to get away from this drought. We’ve been dealing with it for five years, but it is finally serious.  Real serious.  No wheat, no hay, reduced cow herd, etc.  It doesn’t matter what they are worth, if you don’t have anything to sell. 

      I know and love this part of the world.  But it is brutal.  I’ve been to other places and there are a couple of places that I really like to go.  I’ve always had a large time in St. Louis and Denver. Ft. Worth ain’t bad.  New Orleans…love the food, couldn’t live there.  Boston–I need/want to go back, but I don’t think that I could live there.  Atlanta–I’ve already bought blue-shaded sunglasses there.  I’m done.  Mexico–nope.  Costa Rica–yeah, that deal could happen. 

     I saw a map that gave the percentage of residents that said that their state was the best or one of the best to live in.  I would have bet my left nut that Texas was #1.  I was wrong.  They scored high.  But Alaska and Montana were tops.  Utah was next.  Then Texas.  I’m calling BS.  They didn’t poll very many Texans.  RUSM?! that people would rather live in Utah vs. Texas.  There isn’t anybody more proud to be from a state than Texans.  My goodness, how many songs/movies are dedicated to being texan?  I’m pretty sure that this map needed to be printed on absorbent paper that could be used to wipe with.  

     I understand if Hawaii scores high. Cheers to all.