nf what?

I haven’t been a big fan of the nfl since Earl Campbell quit playing for the Houston Oilers.  I have always enjoyed the highlights, kept tabs of the former Okie State players and I watched the super bowl commercials.  I don’t own any nfl jerseys, tshirts, caps or other paraphernalia that they sell.  I have not been a big supporter–I just really didn’t care.  Same with the nba.  Simply put, I would rather watch college sports.

I do not disagree with what the POTUS said.  However, I do think that he could have said it more “presidential”.  It sounded more like something that would come out of my mouth.  But, he isn’t wrong.  I enjoyed watching the Brandon Tatum video on Facebook.  That dude said it as good as any.  And of course, Donnie Baker’s take on this whole kneeling crap is pretty much spot on.    There is only one way to make a statement, if that is your goal, with the nfl.  Don’t watch it.  Don’t buy their crap.  State Law.

Sunday evening, I made a quick trip to OKC to pick up kid’s state fair entries.  Made it home about 11 pm.  Then, Monday afternoon, I made a quick dash to Tulsa to take these entries over there.  Got home sometime after 11 pm.  Then I left Shattuck with a suburban on Tuesday morning before 6 am to go to Enid for COLT conference.  I haven’t been anywhere cool but I’ve logged some miles.  And this nfl crap has clogged up the XM radio talk waves that I normally like to listen to while driving.

Here’s what I know.  These kids that I deal with won’t kneel during the national anthem.  I’m not worried about this “next generation”.  I actually think that they might be better than my generation.  I hope and pray that they are.  Even though they are bombarded with SO MUCH media.  These kids have a filter and know what is right and what is wrong.  All of you that read this know what I mean.  When I am bragging on my kids/students/friends, I am talking about yours as well.  You know what I mean.  I sat with an ag teacher today at Five Guys burgers in Enid.  The manager came out to tell us how well behaved our group of kids were.  She had heard of Shattuck and knew that Balko was near Slapout.  But, she liked our kids.  People, when they are wearing blue & gold or green & white, they do it right.  And regardless of what these athletes are paid, they have forgotten what is right or they didn’t learn it right in the first place.

I may have very well have hauled six future millionaires today.  A future CEO, comedian, welder, designer, extreme veterinarian and entrepreneur.  And this comedian or extreme vet could be big time.  No matter what and without argument, I was associated with more class, honor and respect than the entire nfl has to offer.  And for that matter, I hope there is a future politician in the crew.  Somebody has to fix this crap.

You go ahead and watch your pro teams.  I’m good without them.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  I’m going to.


p.s.  The ground is wet, the turnips are jumping out of the ground, the weather is cool, mama made tater soup and I ain’t had any bourbon since the month of May.  I’ve been well behaved.  Mr. Heshelman, I feel a toast coming in the near future.


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