Next Adventure

Wednesday found the Kelln Klan traveling to Kansas.  We got to see lots of water in bar ditches, overflowing ponds and rivers that were at maximum capacity.  I35 near Tonkawa, had water that was nearing the point of crossing the interstate.  We traveled to Arkansas City, KS to the campus of Cowley College.

Duke is now enrolled in college.  His main focus is for the TIG welding program but he is enrolled in the full associate’s degree program.  He doesn’t have any friends going there and he doesn’t know any other students but this has been his decision and he seems excited (it is Duke, so it can be hard to tell).  He is ready for August to get here.

I am having to learn how to handle livestock completely solo.  All of us are getting prepared for things to change around here.

Prayers for all of you that are fighting water in eastern Oklahoma.  Rising and/or moving water is a hard force to battle.  Add livestock to the mix and it only gets worse.

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