News? What News?

      In today’s society there is almost NO place to go for accurate news reporting.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of channels that are reporting news.  It’s just that there are very few that are actually reporting news that people care about.  And even fewer channels that report ACCURATE news.  These “news” reporters hide behind the 1st amendment.  And I used the term HIDE.  As long as they are reporting something, it is news and therefore covered by the 1st amendment.  But they just don’t get the facts right.  And as a result, it makes life difficult for those involved.  

      As an American, I absolutely believe in the right to free speech.  Trust me.  I will gladly exercise my right to free speech.  However, I don’t like the way these “lack of news” teams go dredging for comments.  They can report information that is incorrect and twist correct information until it is incorrect, but that is fine–1st amendment.  

     Back in the day, I earned myself a bit of a driving award.  I was guilty.  And admitted so.  I went above and beyond to get my legal stuff done.  But then it hit the news.  Several newspapers and tv channels 4,5 & 9 didn’t have anything better to air, so they used my little episode.  Fine.  But not one.  Let me rephrase that, NOT ONE EFFING news source reported the right info.  The police report had the info correct.  But NOT ONE of the big OKC news stations had it right.  One crappy newspaper used a local source, who basically BSed the story and all of the others just copy and pasted.  That’s not news.  Basically, that’s the internet.  Watching the news anymore is liking reading facebook to get the news.  Good luck. It just ain’t right.  

       I am pretty sure that there is only one channel that comes close to reporting correct news.  And that station is ESPN.  Yep, the sports giant.  They have to get it right as too many people will correct them on twitter, email,, facebook, etc.  When a big sports story busts open, ESPN will have the story and it will be right.  

        But for Jane Doe in small town America.  No such luxury.  They will get the highlights and then ad lib from there.  Then twist it until if fits the headlines.  News?  I think not.