New Year

      Today, we had to take Kela to the airport so that she could head back to LA.  Part of me wishes she was homesick and had enough of that crap out there and was ready to move back.  The rest of me is proud that she is chasing a dream and working towards a goal.  Mom is already counting the days when she comes back again. Duke was glad to have big sister home.   

      I got some killer cool Christmas gifts this year.  Two bottles of Crown XR, a bottle of Crown tan sack, a bottle of Crown purple sack (Hhmm, I’m noticing a trend). Also, several deals of peach shine and a jar of apple pie shine that are wicked smooth.  Fortunately, the alcohol content isn’t very high or I would be in big trouble.  I even got a set of Granite freezer rocks.  Yep, round rocks that you keep in the freezer, then put them in your glass and pour some favorite beverage over it–as in “On the Rocks”.   Pretty cool.  I also got a swing.  When you all are here, ask to see it.  There is a butt load of metal in the frame of this thing.      

     New Year’s Eve just isn’t what it used to be.  It is hell getting old.  I got home Tuesday evening and my mind was mush from all of the #s rolling through my head on these year end equipment deals.  I walked into the house and there was some crazy people cooking in our kitchen.  Rusty & Marla had showed up ready for New Year’s.  They got a little wound up, as usual.  It was good to see them.  Fortunately, things shut down earlier than expected.  

     Rumour Has It enjoyed the first day of 2014.  There were two doe kids ready to see him when he got home from Cleo Springs.  He was more than happy to oblige them.

New Year’s Day evening was spent in the ’93 Chevy van.  Kela hadn’t experienced the “ride”, so the family loaded up and headed west.  She wanted to see the new Taylor encampment.  She got the tour of the new house from Brooke and the girls.  Then Kela and I enjoyed a chauffered Gator ride around the Rancho Not So Grande.  The tour guide might have been into some purple sack of his own.  

      For supper, both families loaded up into the ’93 Chevy Van and went through the drive through window of Pizza Hut to pick up a couple of pizzas and some wings.  Brooke even bought the pizzas for everybody.  That was a pretty kind gesture on Brooke’s part.  Christmas Vacation was playing on the VCR as we toured western Ellis county.   

     New Year’s Day reminded me that there is something in the goat industry that I despise worse than a doe goat.  “What?” you ask yourself, could this clown hate worse than a doe goat.  You can’t even argue with me on this topic.  SORE MOUTH.  I’ve been fortunate and not had many cases but I don’t like any cases.  There are numerous theories regarding how to handle soremouth.  One says vaccinate for it which automatically introduces it into your herd.  The other side says don’t vaccinate and just deal with each individual case.  Once they have it, one theory says use antibiotics and vetricin and it will take 2-3 weeks to clear up.  The other theory is let it run its course and it will clear up in 2-3 weeks on its own.  I’ve done both.  This time, I gave each kid a shot of Draxxin and used vetricin on the sores.  At least I feel like I’m doing something to help.  

      ou is getting the honor of playing Alabama tonight.  Friday is the Cotton Bowl and Okie State will get to tangle with the tigers from Mizzou.  The Dragon Lady and I talked about going, but our last couple of trips to the Cotton Bowl ended up in OSU losses, so we decided to sit this one out.  Plus, we’ve got plenty of crap on our calenders already for this new year.