New Week

     Made a few miles this past weekend, saw several different sets of goats, including my own in the daylight for a change.  I have a spring in my step as my set and Tyke’s set are the best wethers I have seen in the past month or so.  Schoovy is already trying to talk Tyke out of a couple.  We’ll find out how strong Tyk’es resolve is.  We’ll have most of them at the labor day Best of the West sale.  The rest will sell in the Duke’s Up sale in October.

     My drive to work was considerably shorter today and on better roads.  I actually stayed at the new place last night.  There is still a pile of equipment and animals to move, but the end is in sight. 

     Its a new week, that will bring new changes to our house.  Duke will start in a new school on Thursday.  I got a better drive to work.  Tammy now has a longer drive to work. 

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