New Thing

     I like movies and I like music.  I just got done watching a flick from 1998 that I have heard about for a long time, but hadn’t seen, “The Big Lebowski”.  A lot of people won’t like this flick but I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the story, the lefts/rights, in/outs, ups/downs and you don’t see any of them coming, but the story is actually really simple.  “Nice marmot.”  Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, etc.  This movie is stacked with great characters.  Directed by the Coen brothers.  They just do their own thing, regardless of what Hollywood thinks.  And they make extremely profitable movies that people like.  Tarantino is another one that operates a little outside the norm, but makes great flicks.  

      In movie and music, you can make money and follow a cookie cutter approach and sell to the masses, but the truly great ones are original.  Once somebody breaks new ground, others follow.  

     In today’s music, (rock, country, pop. it doesn’t matter), I truly believe that there are a pile of musicians that are truly skilled.  There are lots of drummers that can pound the skins and guitarists that can absolutely shred.  A lot of bassists can play faster than any guitar hero of the 60s or 70s.  It used to be that a song was about the lyrics, the vocals and the flow of the song.  Then, Hendrix came along and made the song about the lead guitar.  Bands like Zeppelin combined big vocals with wicked guitars, added sounds and big drums.  And from there, rock music and therefore pop music evolved until you get bands like Metallica that can wail, shred and beat the drums at a high bpm.  Now, throw in the video aspect and Michael Jackson becomes big time.  Then, out of nowhere, a band like Guns N Roses hits the scene and changes what everybody was listening to in the late 80s.  Then a few years later, Nirvana comes along and changes it even more.  

     Country music has an even steeper curve.  Listen to greats like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard or Marty Robbins.  There is a nice drum beat with a steady bass note and an occasional guitar cord, but always a distinct vocal with a message.  Hank Jr. rocked it up a bit, but kept to the roots.  Today’s country is nothing but crappy rock.  Bigger guitars, faster beat with amped up lyrics but no real story.  There is no George (Jones or Strait) with this new crap.  But there, will be somebody, some band, somewhere that hits the scene and changes things.  Garth Brooks took regular country and added a big stage show with cool videos and blew back in the early 90s.  There will always be somebody that can change things up.  And we don’t always know where to look for the next big thing.

     Show animals are very similar.  Trends come and go.  Some breeders/feeders know how to stay up with the trends.  Some catch a wave and ride it and then that is it.  The goat genetics have been like 60s/70s rock.  Way good, ALL TIME greats, but just limited to a few deals.  Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, etc.  Some of their stuff is 50 years old, but still in style.  900, 191, Festus, Mozart, etc.  These bucks are still key names in this young industry, but due to a limited gene pool, they will have effects on the goat world for many years to come.  Due to the ever evolving AI/ET techniques, their effects will continue to be felt.  

      What I like about the thought of semen availabilty and the improved AI techniques is the fact that somebody out of nowhere may become the Nirvana of the goat world.  A completely new outcross that spreads rapidly across the industry.  It has happened in cattle, hogs, sheep and horses.  It will happen in goats.    And it needs to happen in the goat world.

     Some breeders want to keep their genetics close to the vest.  And that is fine.  I understand and value this opinion.  I don’t have an argument and don’t disagree.  But you can only line up that great genetic line so much until there is a problem(s) and something new has to be done.  All breeders are/ or should be looking for that next new sound that hits a rhythm with their existing genetic lines.  And if they aren’t looking for that hot, new sound, they won’t be in business very much longer.  

      Opening up the gene pool actually benefits all breeders.  It works both ways.  If some, small herd makes a great one but doesn’t want to sell the goat, well, he can offer semen to the general public, all while retaining ownership.  Or a BIG breeder can justify spending some cash to own the new sensation.  Both parties benefit.  

     Nothing controversial in tonight’s little blog.   Just stuff to think about.  It’s all relevant.  No matter what you do in life, it all takes creativity, desire and work ethic to be succesfull.  

How about Gambill?  I guess this back deal will keep you layed up for a while. Well, just lie there thinking about deer hunting, striper fishing, “wine” making and stock shows.  It’s all good. 

     Here’s to all of you, with me hoping your glass is close to full and that everybody can stay flexible but not limp while being lucky enough to have horseshoes and shamrocks on your side.  Puppies put people in good moods.  But then, so does a cold beer and the Pokes winning again.