New Stuff

The barn has a different look to it, as there are now pigs in it. Made a journey into Kansas yesterday to look at some shoats. Flies, stench, etc. Fortunately, after Lamle put his hat on backwards and literally dove into this pen of filth to force them out into the light, there was a pair of hogs that have a chance. Got them home on clean bedding, clean water, level ground, a fan…after several hours the barrows are getting their legs under them. One of them looks like he will make the team. Duke already wants to name them Bacon and Sausage.

One thing about it, hogs are cheaper to buy than wether goats. However, it is offset by the feed and bedding costs.

Started to pull into the Sonic to get a cold drink, but then I remembered that Big I has a ban on Sonic. So I drove on by.

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