New Schedule

I haven’t been to a doctor since pre-Y2K.  But, I’m starting to think about it.  This Friday brought no stock shows and no school.  Finally a day that I could just do my own stuff.  But this crud has me slown down.  So, I had a new schedule.  Work an hour or two, then lay down to rest till the oxygen came back. This went on all day.  I spent more time on the couch than working.  Duke liked this schedule.

We had a priority list and got some, but not all done.  Feeders are full.  Babies are tagged.  We even wormed and trimmed hooves on a pen of yearling bucks.  Not easy work on a good day.  Duke trimmed hooves on the last one.  I was out of oxygen and therefore, done.

This evening, I have had the joy of watching an all-time great movie–Lethal Weapon.  That flick holds up to the test of time.  Lethal Weapon 2 may even be better.  Now, I am watching The Hobbit:  Battle of the Five Armies.  I like it when the dwarf king and his men ride up the mountain on goats to battle.  Finally, something useful for a goat.  Of course, it is only make believe.  This is another dang good movie.

Speaking of movies, got a text at 8:09 am from my favorite daughter the other morning.  That means it was 6:09 am in LaLa Land.  That is early for that part of the world.  She was working with some people whose names I know.  One of which was a big part of SNL.  The whole part of working with somebody from Saturday Night Live was cool enough for me.  I don’t understand her line of work.  But as a parent, I’m real proud of any kid that can actually chase their dreams.

While trying to breathe and watch movies at the same time (it shouldn’t be a hard thing, but sometimes it is), the Dragon Lady walked into the living room to ask me if the Leedey boys won in the state basketball semi-finals.  I was like, “Lady, you could have a dude from Ethiopia and me sitting here and you would be better off asking the Ethiopian.”  She looked at me like, “Really?!”  I then replied, “There was a district goat show in Enid and I can’t even tell you who won that.”  She replied, “I know that answer.  Halie Schovanec.”

That makes Halie Schovanec the only person to win the NW District Jr. Livestock Show three times.  That goat show was started in 2006.  Kela was the first to win it twice (06 & 07) and the only one to do it consecutively.  Duke won it once (12).  Those three goats went on to OYE and were res. grand ’06, ch. div. 3 ’07 and bronze medallion ’12.

Not taking anything away from this years show as I was not there but I like to reminisce on those days of goat showing.  Fairview and Hennessey were loaded.  Bryan Kennedy and I were younger, cockier and learning this whole game.  Lots of great goats and even better showmen.  The show at Woodward District this year reminded me of those days, except I didn’t feel young, cocky or that I was learning anything new.  But the goats and showmen were really good.

I need to schedule a semen sale.  I need to schedule getting bucks clipped and photoed.  I then need to schedule a buck sale or two.  I need to schedule a yearling doe sale.  I have a lot of stuff that I need to do.  I need to take a deep breath or two.  I need to go close the kidding barn and the door to the Dragon Lady’s chickens. (Whoops!  Too late.  She’s already done it.)

Here’s to hoping that you can get all of your need2do stuff done in a timely fashion.

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