Need Part Two

     I got up from the earlier post, because I NEEDED to, in order to preserve my place in this piece of paradise.  Either, my son or myself was going to be dragon fodder.  Beings as how my youngest offspring was the cause of the problem, I took the brunt of the flames (I’m thinking ahead.  That, and I am borderline flame RETARDant.)  Duke and I spent the next 20 minutes working on vocabulary problems.  Thank goodness it wasn’t 7th grade algebra.  I can’t do that.  Why?  It is useless crap that only math teachers and a couple of NASA rocket scientists (that are currently un-employed) know how to use.  I can use real life math real well and real quick.  This stuff that they are required by LAW to know, I’m out.  Why?  I don’t need it and don’t use it.  

     Answer me this:  shouldn’t our leaders know how to earn, manage and save their own money before they are allowed to have control of our nation’s budget?  Seems simple to me.  I’d rather have a single location, quick stop owner running our country than some clown that never had a real job.  How can you run a country if you’ve never dealt with margins, cash discounts, income, expenses, drive-offs, left-over corn dogs, no-show employees, etc.?      You want to talk sexism or racism?  If you are running a business that you depend on, then you won’t care about color, race, age, sex, etc. as long as that person will show up on time, work–not steal, do the job that they are paid to do and clean the bathroom when needed.  

        Here’s how we fix our country.  

Don’t pay politicians.  Don’t give them any benefits that are any different than the rest of the country.  If there are no benefits or pay, only the truly dedicated ones will rise to the task.  That is how this country was founded.  

Consider GOOD teachers as professionals and pay them what they are worth.  

Military personnel and clergy men/women should always be treated with reverance.  

Quit idolizing athletes, movie stars and musicians.  Appreciate them for what they are and that is it.  I thoroughly enjoy a good game, watching a great movie and jamming out to some tunes.  That’s it.  I’ll spend some cash to watch any of the above.  But that’s it.  I don’t need to listen to them for guidance, politics or well hell, anything for that matter.  Most people know somebody in a local coffee stop that is smarter than any of the above, they just didn’t have the cash to buy a public opinion.  Charles Barkley was right, athletes shouldn’t be role models. 

      None of us need our current government, media or sociological problems.  We have allowed these things to exist because we didn’t need rid of them.  

     I NEED to stop.  

We all NEED to thank GOD for what we have.  We NEED to look for oppotunities to help others.  PRAY.  We need to work.  VOTE.  We need to PRAY that we can have the opportunity to WORK to HELP others.–“in less need for charity, but more of it when needed.”  

I’m done.  For now.  Although, I still think that I might need a tank.