Natural Happenings

Unless you have been in a hole, then you are aware that there will be a solar eclipse today.  This is a natural happening that is really not that rare.  But the fact that there will be a total eclipse from coast to coast of the USofA makes it a huge media deal.  Make sure that you have your goats protected, so that they don’t stare at the eclipse and become blind.  I have glasses for all my goats.  Julie Milligan had some left over eclipse glasses, so I got them and will fit them on the does as I care about their eye sight.

I actually saw a post on Facebook asking if they should protect their horse’s eyes.  I also had a sarcastic text from a young Texan remarking about protecting goat eyes.  One must be a able to find humor in these things.

My does got to deal with a natural happening last evening.  A hail storm decimated the garden back at the end of May.  Therefore, weeds had taken over.  I moved all of the does into the garden yesterday to mow the weeds down.  This was going to be a two day job to slick this pen up.  Last night, just as it was getting dark, a storm blew up quickly.  Little bit of hail, an inch of rain and a pile of wind hit.  There was nothing on the weather app, OKC news weather and not much warning.  SO, the does were locked in that garden pen with no shelter.  Goats don’t like to be wet.  They will dry out.

Have a good one and good luck watching that eclipse.  Productivity won’t be very high today.


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