It has been windy here for the past week.  I mean really nasty windy.  But Monday brought a whole new level of windy.  I truly believe that it was the windiest day that I ever remember.  Brutal!  The kind of wind that folds pickup doors backwards.

We lost backyard fence, feeder lids and the trampoline got rearranged.  And of course, more tree limbs.  All of this can be dealt with.  However, with wicked winds and no rain, there is the threat of fire.  The towns of Laverne and Buffalo were evacuated last night.  Homes north of Woodward were lost.  Some of these people lost hay, fence and cattle last April in that fire.  The Comstock’s had to leave home last night but luckily the winds changed and they didn’t lose their homes.  Cattle have been lost in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

Forty miles straight west of us in Lipscomb County, Texas a fire line stretched for 20 miles.  Dad was prepared to open the gates in order to turn cattle out and get them out of the fires path.  Luckily, it didn’t come to that.  The smoke from that fire blew straight east and thoroughly enveloped our little paradise.  You would have thought that fire was just across the road with the amount of smoke.

Thankfully the winds have died down.  Hopefully, there was no more loss of homes or livestock during the night.  Prayers for the volunteer firefighters and their safety as they bravely take on the job of dealing with these wildfires.  Pray for those that have lost homes, barns and livelihoods.

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