It is a fact that I am not much of a sleeper.  But every now and then, I have to shut down.  Duke and I processed babies, moved does and kids out of the kidding barn, put out hay for goats and cows and picked up a load of feed.  Productive morning.

I limped inside and ate some little smokies.  Turned the tube on and hey “The Replacements” is on.  I’ve only seen it 87 times, one more won’t hurt.  I took off this walking shoe, unwrapped this bad hoof and kicked back on the couch with the foot elevated.  Two hours later, I woke up.  Drool coming out of the corner of my mouth.  It took me a minute or so to realize what day it was and my location.   I then realized that the weird sound that I was hearing was Tammy kicked back in the recliner.  Not quite snoring, but kind of sounding like Smaug asleep on a pile of gold and treasures.  She was out!  I didn’t do anything to disturb her slumber.

I made my way down the hallway, looked into Duke’s room.  Out!  Face down on the floor.  Not on his bed, but fully clothed, face down and out.  I had stuff for he and I to do.  But I just went a different direction.  I headed into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.  That way, my mouth no longer tasted like a cat crapped in my mouth while I was asleep.

Sometimes, you just have to shut down, recharge and get ready for the next plunge of activities.  I do not remember the last time that all three of us took naps, at the same time.  We didn’t get everything done today that needed done.  But maybe tomorrow will be extremely productive.

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