Name Game

Uncle Ron brought up valid points about naming bucks.  It truly is a name game.  Do you stick with the sire lineage name?  Come up with something unique?  Steal from a different species?

Some names should be retired–Who Made Who, Slam Dunk, Sugar Ray, 900, 191…just to name a few.  Heat Wave needs to be done.  I didn’t think it was cool when some named a goat, boar or sheep Heat Wave.  But, then again, Mini Heat is a cool name.  Tag #s work if they become legendary.  900, 191 and 612 are some that come to mind.

I’ll be honest.  I’ve got a bank of names.  I have not hardly used ANY of those names.  Camoflauge Lingerie is a buck name that I have been carrying around for years.  (It’s mine so don’t use it.  I have it here in print.  Therefore, MINE!!)  The name hasn’t fit any buck, therefore, I haven’t used it.  Dirty Rumour is another that I was planning on but….Milligan bought him and named him Easy Decision.  Good name.

How do I come up with names?  Let us take a closer look.

FreakOnALeash–I bought him from Gallaghers at weaning in 2010.  He was a Freaky son.  At that time, Oklahoma was still showing wethers on the chain.  NO bracing allowed!  So, this one was a Freaky son that was going to make wethers to show on the chain.  Instead, he left us a wicked set of daughters. Although, he did sire the grand wether at OYE in 2013.  A month after I started advertising him, Top Cut sires (a boar stud) unveiled a boar named Freak On A Leash.

Rumour Has It–I twisted off and got tag 2174 bought from Helms before his first online buck sale.  Very few knew who got him.  The rumors were swirling for several weeks.  I was on the phone one evening on my drive home, a dude was talking about all of the rumors that were surrounding this buck and where/who/what’d he cost/etc.  In 2012, Adele was killing the radio with hit after hit.  While having this discussion, her new hit song hit the radio, “Rumour Has It”.  I saw it on the radio screen and went “hunh”.  There’s how that name came to be.  Of course, the naming guru himself used this name a year later and named one of the BTW bucks Rumour Has It.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Joe Dirt–I was leaning towards Jukebox Hero.  Tyke liked Joe Dirt.  I liked the movie, the name and loved the goat.  I think I’ve wrote about this one before.

Rainman–Poe & I bought this buck on a Friday afternoon.  Later that night was the first ever Friday Night Fever.  One of our companions got sideways, ran down a concrete spillway, hurt his knee and ended up in a quick stop trying to get ice cream at midnight.  It was a retarded deal.  Somehow, the next day, as we re-hashed the events of the night before, the name Rainman came up.  I love the un-abbreviated version of this story.  Poe & I will both crack up any time that story comes up.  Mikey Thompson and I will always remember the events inside the quick stop.  No law involved!  Every time I am in Sonora, TX, I snap a pic of that concrete drainage ditch and send a smart ass text or three.  I love the story but I love that goat as well.  He’s still alive.

Skippy Red Leg–He had a red leg.  He got plowed by a doe and broke a shoulder.  He then skipped around on three legs for a couple of months.  Duhh!!

Fade2Black–An actual Starbuck son (Black Sabbath at the time).  He was gray headed for the first month of his life.  Then it slowly started changing to black.  I like Metallica and they have a bad ass tune called Fade To Black.  Thus the name.

Manilla Gorilla–He was gorilla assed, gorilla legged and manilla rhymed with gorilla, so thus the name.  Really……… in depth …………….thoughts.

Dirty Rain–He is a Joe Dirt on a wicked, awesome Rainman daughter.  Real creative.

Blood Pressure–When Rick Barnthouse bought him, I asked him, “What are you going to name him?  He rattled off several ideas.  But then, he said “Kelln, as that auction kept going, my heart was about to explode.  I had to stop and take some blood pressure pills before I kept bidding.”  I was like, “Dude!  Rick that is a perfect name.”

Duke–When it became apparent that we were having a son, I had most people convinced that we were naming this offspring Krawdad Kelln.   I still like that name and there are some elders that still call Duke–Krawdad.  Most all were relieved when we named him Connely Duke Kelln. My grandpa was named Elbert James Schneider.  He went by the name of Duke.  Can’t blame him for that.  He also answered to E.J.

And all of that bring us to the newest buck around here.  

Next Friday

He is sired by She Said Next.  Yes, one of the sex crime posse of bucks.  Except she gave consent.  This buck sold at Friday Night Fiesta.  And here is the Paul Harvey part of the story.  Milligan was in San Angelo bidding for me.  I got him bought, thanked Tommy, hung up the phone, parked the gator and headed into the house.  I cracked a cold one open as I turned on the tube.  The first show that was on that evening—one of my favorites—Next Friday.

And in honor of Ron’s blog, if you see me name something Monkey Wrench, HMB, WTS or CWM, you better get in on that action.


****All names are copyrighted, owned and shall only be used exclusively by Kelln Livestock, Kelln, a Kelln, a friend of Kelln, or anybody that understands the intrinsic value of said names, animals, penguins, warthogs, koalas and/or is willing to read through all of this jargon or crap and must sign off that they understand the thorough processes that leads to such an idiocracy as this blog or the naming of livestock, kids, pets, or whatever else needs to be covered by anything using asterisks.

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