People, I had a pretty good weekend.  It started off busy as heck but got good from there.

Jade Fitz was named as the state champion in Nursery Operations proficiency awards.  Duke received a WLC scholarship.

On Friday, the Shattuck FFA hosted a meet-and-greet with the Dean of Oklahoma State University college of Ag AND the head of the Okie State Vet Med School.  We took care of the venue and prepared the lunch.  The crew at Ellis County Animal Hospital made this happen and asked for our help.  Yes….but….

We were at the State FFA Convention until early Thursday morning.  Then the music department was competing at Tri-State in Enid.  And then, the softball team was in the state tournament working on winning their 3rd straight state softball championship.

And then the baseball boys were playing in the state baseball tournament for the first time in 24 years.  Shattuck has played good baseball but they are in a class that is dominated by schools that do not play football.  These schools play fall and spring baseball.  In the fall, Shattuck wins state football championships.  They had not made it to the state tourney in a while.  However, in the years of ’92, ’93 and ’94 Shattuck went back-to back-to back.  No, I am too old to be on those teams.  But, middle brother Jake Kelln was the anchor of those teams.

So, it was basically a busy week in Shattuck America.  Throw in some greenhouse sales.

The Friday event was top shelf.  SNB bank provided us their Traeger cooker on wheels.  Venture foods hooked us up with all we needed.  Gusto’s made the cakes.  Good turnout and a cool event for our kids.  We did have to send a girl home early.  Why?  Her OYE class winning Hereford heifer was starting to calve.  A cell phone video of the birthing and then a cool pic of the heifer calf standing in front of momma reminds me why we do what we do.  Cool pics.

Saturday found me hosting some livestock professionals from NE OK.  I sold a couple of wethers too cheap but I love dealing with true livestock people.  Devin Delozier and Shane Johnson are wicked good ag teachers and I get in a good mood when there is no wind, shining sun and a chance to talk stock.  I then went and opened up the greenhouse for a bit.  An 8th grade student and his family showed up to buy veggies.  60 plus veggie plants plus sweet potato vines and hanging baskets.  I see a lot of Fridays at the local farmers market for this kid as he peddles his products.  He might have had the grand watermelon and reserve grand overall veggie at the State Fair of OK this past fall.

Duke and I moved some goats around.  Mini herfs are being watched.  We chiseled up some ground that was grazed out.  I love farming!

Saturday night found the Dragon Lady and I near Aline, OK at Brady Thomas’ 30th birthday party.  Off the hook.  Fred Slater was there and in prime form.  Brady and his family are the kind that just put everybody in a good humor.  Good, NO, GREAT people.  I love telling stories about Brady and his parents.  Good, good, good people.

I laughed so hard that I cried.  Mason Ryel told stories that spanned from the early 90s and involved livestock greats such as Randy Nation, Larry Moore, Randy Pullan, Bob Listen and Tim Herren.  I laughed a lot.  And then he told a story about getting in a fight with a dude that had a stump for an arm.  People, I cried laughing at this ass beating that he took from a one- armed guy.  “Dude, you ain’t been hit in the face until a guy with a stump pokes you right in the nose.”   Great night with even better people.

And then Sunday found me actually taking care of crap around paradise.  At one point, I was moving some panels on the west side of the big machine shed.  I noticed some red ants moving around a den.  I thought to myself, “There ought to be a horny toad nearby.”  Moments later, as I was moving a panel, I saw a horny toad.  The first one this year.  Duke and I like horny toads.  He has given a speech about horny toads.  He has won some contests, BUT he doesn’t try to win.  He is a good public speaker but he doesn’t want to be.  Oh well!

I then came back for another panel.  I was standing in the exact same spot as I was when I spotted the horny toad.  I was on the phone with Brandon the Bruce when I heard a buzzing.  Then the buzzing hit me right in the fat roll on my left side.  No, I was not wearing a shirt.  It was a hummingbird.  Cool!  I’m so sweet that a humming bird hit me up.

I then came back for a third panel when a small dust devil started right at the cement deer and headed south right past me.  I stood there, same spot as before and watched this little twister move down the weed row to the south.  It was at this point that I realized I was witnessing some kind of mystical stuff.  Horny toad, hummingbird and dust devil.  I felt like I should smoke some peyote or something, burn some sagebrush and say some chants.  But, I found an ice chest instead.  And then chiseled up a small patch of shitty wheat ground.  Did I mention that I love farming?

And then, as I was doing chores, I caught a second horny toad.  I doubt that I go buy a lottery ticket but I do feel lucky.  Speaking of cool stuff, the Dragon Lady and I did watch the Kentucky Derby.  That horse ran a clean race.  One of these days….

It is amazing how good things get when the wind isn’t blowing.  Peace of mind.  Now, I am at my desk, writing bill checks and typing this crap while eating a Charlie’s cheeseburger and tots.  Dude, it could be worse.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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