My Religion

By faith and by upbringing, my religion of choice is Catholic.  I only lack a few months on this planet until I have been here 5 decades.  And in those dang neart 50 years, I have not seen anything to change my mind.  I truly do not care if you approve or disapprove.  My parents raised three boys to love and serve others as well as GOD.  They did something right, as all three of us have made life choices that did not involve making more money.  As a result, between the three of us, no divorces and six bad-ass grandkids.

Am I judgmental on somebody having a divorce?  No.  My favorite brother-in-law is proof of that.  Todd and Tammy are half siblings.  But one only needs to be around them a short time to realize that they are brother and sister.  I credit their mom for that.  Tammy’s step-father…..She calls him dad and our kids call him GrandDad…is as good of a person that I have been around.  I will never judge a family unit.  If it works, it works and that is better than most have.  One can be rich without having a pile of cash.  (We are filthy rich with when it comes to having great role models in our lives and more importantly, our kids’ lives)

Having said all that, I do NOT care what religion you are, as long as you don’t tell me what to believe.  I can respect a difference of opinion.  There does not need to be a fight over that difference.  The Dragon Lady enjoys attending Baptist services.  My kids both know that there is a GOD.  That last sentence is all that matters to me.

HOWEVER, my true religion has nothing to do with a brick and mortar church or words printed on a paper.  MY RELIGION is solely based on experience.  I’m talking about those experiences that hit hard and leave a non-visible mark.  But that mark lasts forever.

I know that there is scripture about attending an organized religious ceremony such as service, mass, whatever.  My soul has never felt more alive than being in the outdoors.  Mostly, by myself.  This has been the case for almost 50 years.

Seeing a newborn Hereford or Shorthorn marked calf always stirs my soul.  Especially when they are running to their momma with that tail straight up.

Assisting a doe kid giving birth and realizing that a life was saved.  Three days later–watching baby goats run and play.  Hell, they make videos of baby goats.  (Don’t remember seeing cool videos of doe goats)

One of the many things that absolutely stirs my soul to the core is that moment….that moment…when that kid….when it all clicks, and THAT kid…..gets it!   I don’t care if you are talking about public speaking, showmanship, running a wicked bead…..THAT moment!  That moment when it becomes personal.  They own it!  And every goal now becomes attainable.  Those goals did not have to include banners or trophies.


Bo Ketts in official dress with speech memorized.  (I miss his dad)

Mitchell Bouziden–that kid stepped WAY out of his comfort zone.  Waynoka forever!  I have so many cool Waynoka stories.  This kid was an anchor.

Chesley Comstock–an all-time Kelln favorite, wait…what…this one is a favorite of all that know her.  When it clicked….IT CLICKED!


My religion does consist of long walks down a midway, at a state fair,  no students on the premises.  Cool tunes, a cold one and a chance of meeting up with a friend like TravASS Schovanec.

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