Mutiple Reasons

It hasn’t been taking very long to get the round of chores done around here lately.  Why?  It doesn’t take long to fill water tanks.

  1.  There are numerous water holes that are holding fresh water.  The does in the pasture aren’t even coming in to the corrals.
  2. It has been fairly cool (especially for August) so there hasn’t been much evaporation.
  3. The regular rainfall has kept tanks and troughs full.


I used that engineering marvel known as a wee bander last week.  Guess what?  It works.    We banded a big nutted dude on Thursday.  He limped around on Friday, a little on Saturday and we cut the sack off on Sunday afternoon.  Unlike my previous banding methods, I cannot do this banding operation by myself.  Somebody has to hold the goat still so that both hands can be used to operate the machine.  If you use one of these things, I highly stress watching the video a couple of times.  And then, do a practice run.  Once you see how the tool works, it all makes sense and then it gets easier to operate.

Have a good one.

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