Music Video G.O.A.T.

Before you read this, remember that I grew up in an era when MTV and CMT first blew up.  I am a visual person, so I like a good music video.

Some groups/performers do a better job of utilizing a video to promote the song.  Some use sexuality to really make it all come together.  Some videos accentuate the power of the song.

Just like any other show, we will break these up into divisions.



Visual Effects

–Enter Sandman by Metallica     You watch that video and realize that they actually re-created nightmares and timed it perfectly to a great tune.

–Money for Nothing by Dire Straits     Animated video that is cheesy now, but was so far ahead of it’s time that it is still cool.

–Thriller by Michael Jackson     This one has won most shows on it’s way to the G.O.A.T. show.  Great story, great cinematography, not his best song.

–Smells like “Nirvana” by Weird Al Yankovic     The GOAT parody song/video of all time.  I can watch this video and hear Nirvana but I laugh at the visuals–marbles, etc.

–Hey Ya by Outkast     I feel like I am watching a studio concert with this one.  Upbeat and very suggestive.  Rap?  Pop?  IDK.  I just like this video and the song.

–Sabotage by Beastie Boys    Great acting, action and making a visual for a song that you didn’t expect.


Monkey Wrench (because they make your nuts tighten up)

–Cherry Pie by Warrant      She was so hot, the lead singer married her.  This video….oh the innuendos.

…Baby one more time by Britney Spears        This one made all of us wonder if it was quite right?!    But you couldn’t look away and this video has held up.  They still use this one as a litmus test.

–Turn Back Time by Cher      The opposite of Britney (was she old enough) versus Cher (Is she too old to wear that?)   great song and the video has held up to the test of time.

–Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain      Launched a career.  Wasn’t risqué but I’m not the only one that VIVIDLY remembers watching this video.

–All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey      This video makes it cool to listen to this song in July.




–We didn’t light the fire by Billy Joel    The video is cool.  The song is better.

–Right Now by Van Halen      I’m a fan of this song and this video.  The video is ever-evolving and can be made to fit any time or social happening.

–The Dance by Garth Brooks    This video stopped me in my tracks back in the day.  Simple, yet powerful.  He made lots of other great stuff but this is still his best video.

–Hurt by Johnny Cash


Fits all categories

–Here I Go Again by Whitesnake       This one has been mentioned in movies.  It still inspires me to want to be a rock star OR a jaguar car.  The visuals were/still are stunning and therefore, the monkey wrench applies.


Division champs


Here I Go Again                   Even Ricky Bobby referenced this one in Talladega Nights.  “What’s her name?”

Smells Like Nirvana          The parody is better than the original which just happens to be an all-time great.

Any Man of Mine             Clean, fits the song perfectly but still evokes so many positive images of… yeah.

Hurt                                  The visuals, the past, the present, the unexpected.


Top 5 overall

5th overall–            Here I go Again                  This video…simple yet so, so well made.

4th overall–            Any Man of Mine              Great song combined with absolute sexy yet clean visuals.  OOhh!

3rd overall–            The Dance                           Simple yet profound.  Helped launch a HUGE career.

Res. grand–              Right Now                          The video and the song were out of the norm for this band.  But it

worked and still works.

Grand–                      Hurt                                     Not the best song, nor the best video subjects…but the

combination makes it the best ever.


I will gladly accept texts/emails/calls regarding your opinions.  Did I forget one?  May have.

No need for Ron Simonson or Kenneth Helms to respond.  Credence didn’t make videos.

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