I sit here in eager anticipation of the new Star Wars movie that is to be released on the public in a week or so.  Although, I thoroughly enjoy the Star Wars saga, I would not say that any of those movies are the absolute best movie ever made.  And that is saying something as I really like these movies.  Ironically, two of the very best movies ever made have came up in Ag Ed class this past week.  Both movies were made in the 80s, but they are still liked.  The kids that have seen these movies, love them. The others have led sheltered or deprived lives and haven’t had the opportunity to see true cinematic classics.  They are interested and want to see them.  

      One has to be careful when using the term “great”.  It is a term that is over-used in our society.  But, I do not hesitate at all, when discussing these movies, to utilize the “great” term.   One can even use the Greatest Of All Time phrase if need be.  “What movies could be this great?”  you ask.  Lonesome Dove and The Man from Snowy River.  These movies were well written.  The characters were portrayed to perfection by the actors.  Once you watch Lonesome Dove, Robert Duvall will always be Augustus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones will forever more be Woodrow F. Call.  No matter what other huge parts they play or have played, those became their parts.  Kirk Douglass played not one, but two iconic roles in The Man from Snowy River.  Oh, and let’s not forget that scene of Jim Craig riding Denny over the cliff to chase down the brumbies of the Snowy River mountains. Yes, they are both “westerns”, but one is U.S. and the other is Down Under.  One was originally a mini-series taken from an even better book, while the other was a low-budget film based on a poem.  I would argue that the two best filmed movies of all time are The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and The Man From Snowy River.  Not a lot of cgi work used in these films.  They actually used cinematography to film these classics.  You know–they used foresight, planning, vision and well placed cameras to make these visuals.  

     What I know, is that if it was my birthday and I lived in Indiana, I think that I would celebrate by popping in one of these movies, kicking back and just enjoy life.  Or you could head to the kidding barn and check does.  Cheers!  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  

       Tip of the cap to those that were affected by Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.   I think that history will show THAT generation of Americans handled terror and a threat to the American way of life better than what our generation has handled 9/11 and the current problems with terrorists.  We, and I include myself, have become complacent and just don’t think that we can do anything about it, mainly because of our impotent government.  You would think, that with as many pecker pills are advertised on tv, in magazines and on the internet, that we could find something to improve our L.P. government.  It is hard to have faith in our current political system and the future doesn’t look good.  In GOD we trust.  I know that I do.