Movie Review

While holed up in the Hampton Inn at Tulsa, I flipped through almost 500 directTv channels until I found something that I wanted to watch.  It was 3:10AM and Bohemian Rhapsody had been playing for a bit. I watched it.  I liked it.

I don’t agree with the name of the movie, it should have just been called the Freddie Mercury story, but the movie was very good.  I loved the behind the scenes of how the songs came to life.  I would have liked to have seen more of how Brian May and the rest of the band handled the obvious issues.  Whatever.

For the past year or two, a couple of students have tried to convince me that Queen is the best rock band of all time.  The GOAT….no.  NO!!  They have some absolutely HUGE songs that have stood the test of time.  Heck, all of their stuff is over 30 years old now and is still being played.  Greatest of all time, NO.  Legendary…yes.

For that matter, they had a part in a song called “Under Pressure” which was performed by Queen and David Bowie.  This song was then covered by some dude named Rob Van Winkle.  That Van Winkle dude may or may not have made the best cover song of ALL time when he made “Ice, Ice Baby”.    I may or may not have included Vanilla Ice on that cover song list.  But it dang sure ranks up there.

I spoke at a community coffee this morning.  Not a big crowd, mainly church type people involved with missionary work.  Yeah, my kind of crowd.  They asked me to give an update about the Shattuck FFA.  I did.  Short notice–I looked like an old dude that had been at the fairs for a week or so, but I did my duty.

One of the missionary workers asked, “How come I don’t see more goats in this part of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle.   I answered.  Which led to more questions.  I answered every one of them.  I now realize that my classes need to host a community coffee and discuss goats, livestock and meats.

I could go on and on.  The temps are right tonight.  I can’t do much because of mud but that will change.  The tunes are tight.  The Dragon Lady and I have discussed our first show season as complete has-beens.  And in this Must-B-Current cycle news/social media/ who did what right now….Tammy and I are has-beens.  I get it.  And another one bites the dust.

Not yet.  No, not yet.

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