Movie directors, Shine Down & brother-in-laws

For some reason or the other, the movie Full Metal Jacket has been showing on my tv on a regular basis.   The director of that all-time great war flick is Stanley Kubrick.  This dude has made some wicked good flicks, some weird flicks and some bad ass movies.  One of the weirdest movies that I have ever watched (numerous times) is Dr. Strangelove.  I love Slim Pickens riding the bomb.  James Earl Jones, George C. Scott, etc.

I don’t know, something about Full Metal Jacket always ties me up inside.  It seems real.  And recently, it seems like it is really real.

Got home from making rounds and picking up parts tonight and the favorite son was cooking himself a bacon & egg sammich.  He had Alexa playing tunes.  I asked, “What is that one?”   He replied Shine Down.

Dude, I like some of their stuff.  So, he said, “Alexa, play a bunch of Shine Down.”  DUDES, I did not realize how much of their stuff that I like.  Good, good tunes.

Sunday morning, I got out of Mass and headed to the best grocery store in NW OK–Shattuck Venture.   I gathered up some items (I went in there for Raisin Bran & bananas–came out with a cart load and headed towards the bananas (last thing on my list).

Yes, the question is—Why did I have a list if it was just cereal & bananas?  This is why Tammy does NOT send me to the store.

While there, I saw Tammy’s brother.  THE Todd Atha.  He was picking up some breakfast items.  Todd should hate me. But we have a lot in common.  We both married above our pay grade and raised kids that are really good humans.  I shit you not, we both (along with some strong maternal genetics) raised a pair of kids that are WAY better than the paternal genetics.  Damn good dude!  I was blessed with two brothers that are wicked good people.  This brother-in-law can hold his own with them.

I would have spent more time bragging about Tammy’s brother, but she showed up as I was hitting the keyboard and handed me a hand-laminated thank you card from a kid. First year showman that gets it.  We are going to need a seatbelt for the next few years.   Those of you that really know me, now know that there is a kid (not from Shattuck) that is getting ready to beat somebody in the coming years.

It is the way.

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