Mouth Bite

Yesterday marked the end of an era at Kelln Livestock. We had a doe that we called “Mouth Bite”. She was tag 227. I bought her at Turner’s sale in May 2006. She was a yearling when I bought her. She had a big red spot on front and was blaze face. She was a wild rip that you couldn’t catch, but you didn’t need to very often as she was a phenomenal mother. She never raised a real good wether, but she did leave us with some outstanding daughters and grand-daughters.

“Mouth Bite” got her name in March of 2007. Our lovely neighbors had a damn pit-bull that they just had to let off the chain one afternoon. My father-in-law drove over to check on the livestock since we were gone. We were in OKC showing during the grand drive. Kela had a pair of Pfeiffer goats that year that were res. div 1 and ch. div. 3. She was in the grand drive when Darrell called Tammy and told her that he shot a pit-bull in the corralls and there was lots of damage. He was right.

Fourteen dead does, twenty-nine abortions and numerous scars, missing ears, etc. The beast had obviously caught 227 by the end of the muzzle. She had scars right below her eyes and all around her mouth. Somehow, she got loose from the demon. He tore the jaw muscles loose to the point that she had holes in her cheeks. She couldn’t make suction to get a drink. We had to drench her to keep her hydrated. The scars became permanent and thus she became known as “Mouth Bite”. She survived that ordeal and raised an awesome pair of doe kids out of All Jacked Up. These two does are known as MB1 and MB2.

There are still other does here that have scars; P8 has a mangled ear and B7 is missing an ear.

No, I didn’t get any money out of the neighbors. The law was contacted. It would basically cost me a couple of thousand in legal fees to get a judge to tell them that they owed me money, but they were unemployed and dealing drugs. Oh well. The neighbors are no longer there. The dad died due to complications from using meth and mom is in jail. The house has been bulldozed. The pit bull had left behind a litter of fourteen pups. I shot 12 of the pups, Kela ran over one of them and after a confrontation with me, they got rid of the last one before I finished the job. I don’t miss the neighbors. But I do wish I had back all of the does that we lost during that ordeal.


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