Motivational Forces

What is the strongest motivational force?  Come on…name it.  Don’t try to get to smart. Don’t over think it.  What is it?

No.  It is not the gravitational pull of the Death Star.  Nor is it the strong desire to eat a box of Little Debbie oatmeal snack cakes while watching the winter olympics.  Simply, it is Momma.  Regardless of species, everyone wants to do right by momma.  No matter what.   Even eminem used his mommy problems to make beautiful rap music (is there such a thing?)

So, tonight, I was in the kidding barn taking inventory of what was due this week.

1–2nd timer–pulled a monster last year (lost it) & sold a really good doe kid out of her.

2–old timer–looks like crap–didn’t sell a kid out of her last year.

3–2nd timer– toxemia last year–had trips–raised & sold a doe kid

4–1st timer–didn’t settle last year.

5–2nd timer–raised a multiple jackpot winner and 3rd at KC

6–old timer–no kid last year

7–2nd timer–lost kid last year

8–1st timer–high hopes

9–2nd timer–lost last years kids


WTF am I thinking?  Well, I can make a case for each and every one.  And you all know how much I love does.

1–earned a 2nd chance  2–doesn’t matter, will get another chance next year…no matter what

3–if problems again, sale barn bound   4–Do it or else      5–Like Cheech–high hopes

6–Just needs one more to be a hall of famer or another strikeout and….

7–bred wrong last year

8–royal bred

9–wasn’t kidded here

I will either look like an enabler (trust me….I know what I am doing…..this time) or smart son of a gun.

These goat mothers have to work, or it don’t work around here.  Or at  your place.  I hauled a bunch off this past year.   But these need another chance.  If they don’t work in the next 8-10 weeks,then I will haul them off.

I had more of a thought about mom goats.  I guess that I should have written  down a page or so.

Ironically, as I was typing this diatribe, I got a text about dealing with does.  It was a well written text that reminds me that I am not alone when it comes to dealing with the foulness known as a female goat.


And if you can’t tell, I am a little off track from where I started.  Texts, phone calls, “oh, we had an online semen sale tonight” realization, inducing does, etc. SQUIRREL!

No matter the species, if momma pulls the chain, somebody jumps.  Got a good kid not turning a tap, well, either call momma or give them a couple of well deserved bad grades and when momma sees it…WHOAH!  Attitudes change and stuff gets done.


And here is my goat herders prayer.

GOD love us and forgive us the words and thoughts we have while raising and dealing with female goats.  AMEN!


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