Mother’s Day

     I was blessed to have a mom that  was strong enough to raise three boys.  All three of us have been successful.  More importantly, all three of us have married well.  We all married smoking hot women that raise great kids and put up with our crap.  None of us married for money.  It is obvious that we were all after quality.  All three of us are way deep into our first and only marriage.  Now, all three of us have kids.  Of course, I have one living in California and one in junior high while Jake & Daniel’s kids are in grade school.  Hopefully, my brothers can learn from my mistakes. And I have made plenty.

      Cheers to all of the mothers.  None of us would be here without our mother.  Thank you Mom.  And thank you Tammy for being the mother of Kela and Duke.  Job well done.