Mother’s Day!

      I’m not worth 2 squirts of owl shit on any given holiday but I’m pissed at myself for typing some crap about some cheaters and a horse.  That was the crap on my mind as I logged in.  No excuses.  Just wrong.  Now as I process the day, I missed the big stuff. 

      I got home from church this morning and walked into the back porch of our house and heard a man’s voice.  WTF?  I slid the sliding door open and walked in.  I know that voice.  What in the hell is he doing here… un-announced…what? 

        It wasn’t Duke but it was dang sure one of our kids.  Braden Schovanec had walked in like he was home.  As he should.      

         It is times like this that I realize how important a “team” or a “show family” actually can be.  If you do things right, you do develop a family….the value…..priceless.  Who gives a rat’s ass about the winning?   Well, yeah, you do.  

          Braden had told Duke that he would be in the area.  Duke told Braden to swing by and give Tammy a hug.  You do the math.  I listened as Braden and Tammy talked about the upcoming wedding.  I’m not good with weddings.  I’m real strong with wedding receptions.  

          Braden’s mom isn’t here to make us cookies.  And damn, that woman made some good cookies.  

       I don’t know how to type this but a huge Thanks to the “moms” like Tammy Kelln, Kerensa Kester and the rest of your kind.  They may not be yours but they truly are forevermore your kids.  

MOMS everywhere…..Thank You!!!!




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