Most Everybody’s Favorite Day of the Week


      There are a lot of songs that have been written about Saturday.  We all work for the weekend. Why?  So we can work like a sled dog on OUR own stuff.  I saw several sets of goats today.  Moved hay feeders and creep feeders.  Moved a set of does & babies out of the big barn.  This set was a month old and they needed sunglasses as they hadn’t been outside.  Lots of cold weather in the past month.  

     The Schoovy’s were here with wethers.  We analyzed them and then headed to the Grainary pen to look at those kids.  We caught them all and wormed them.  There hasn’t been very many people see this set of goats, but to be honest, I like showing that set of goats–does, wethers and a couple that still have their nuts.  Part of me wants to sell them all and cash a nice check or two, the other part wants me to be like the Seelke’s and just keep them all, so I can look at them and admire them.  I’ve recently paid a feed bill, so I bet they will be 4 sale.  

      It is the time of show season, that we are now regularly working leg hair on wethers.  I think most people overlook this task.  It allows us to build leg hair which in turns adds presence of bone, allows us to clip a correct leg/pastern set and for me, it just makes a wether complete when every part is groomed properly.  Plus, the washing, blowing, combing helps get wethers used to being on a stand.  And like the rest of us, they like to feel cool, clean and like they are pimped up ready to go out on a Saturday night.  

      Later in the day, the Sweets showed up to bring Joe Dirt back home.  I always feel sorry for Dirt when he comes home.  He gets to go stray around and nail some tail, then he comes here and just gets to eat, get fat and wait for July when it is time to go chase some strange.  They also brought a buck prospect along.  That dude has a lot of good.  I don’t know if they will sell him or not, but he is good.  Lined up pedigree–191/S100 back on a 191/S100.  He is wide, correct, smooth, hog assed and has grown very well.  He was born at the end of last June, but they will have kids out of him in April.  

      We did the family facetime deal last night with our Cali Kid.  She is doing well, but has a decision or two to make.  Plus, due to the freeway drivers, she needs some body repair work done on Jeepy the orange Jeep.  That’s why we have insurance.  

     I had such a large time on my last big adventure, I think it is time to schedule another.  Stay tuned.