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Where else but an airport can a person lie down anywhere, use luggage for pillows, wear anything as long it is comfortable & you aren’t naked & spend piles on magazines & other crap you normally wouldn’t buy? We had a large time at Fenway. Red Sox/Yankees- the best rivalry in sports. Great night for a ball game. We watched BP and came close to getting a ball– it took a bad hop to the right of Duke. Lots of team spirit involved with the Red Sox. They are die hards. It’s a good thing that I don’t live in a big city for numerous reasons. 1–I would be like Norm on Cheers & have a permanent barstool & 2– I would be broke because it costs an ass-load to attend these games. People think showing is expensive. These tickets in right-centerfield cost $125 apiece. Beer–$8.50 per cup. Water (or watah–as they say it in Boston) is $4.25 per bottle . Throw in hot dogs at $5, peanuts @$6 & cotton candy. We didn’t learn any work ethic or make new friends. But It was fun & well worth it, but it adds up. Sure I could have done without a couple of the beers, but that would be like showing a common goat. Spend the extra & have fun.