More Rain

Like a current insurance commercial, we got more.  MORE!  And then More!  We are not complaining.  It’s just that we couldn’t catch a rain for a really, really long time and then….

Now, it is like Sunday morning after prom night…..dang near everybody got some.

The “dry” pond is backed up into the corrals.  I’ve only seen it this high one other time in my life.  The kayak has been active.  Duke and I have both paddled amongst the tree tops.

Some of our cover crops will make.  Although, some of the mixture sprouted and droughted out.  But, I guess anything green and growing is good.  We’ll take it.

It looks like lots of people were in the market for doe kids tonight.  High $ doe kids.  Several firms have cultivated a doe kid market and it looks to me like that farming is paying off.  And for good reason.

I did see road signs blown over in the Seiling area.  Lots of generators have been in use in this part of the world.  We have been lucky.

7 come 11 is great in vegas but I ain’t sure what it means in this part of paradise.  Unless, we are talking rainfall totals.  Some got it, some not.  Have a good one.

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