More Gambling

So, I had to meet a trailer headed down I 35.  Where’d we meet?  You guessed it!  A casino parking lot.  We were early so, the Dragon Lady and I went inside.  The cigarette smoke hit us immediately.  She popped $5 into a machine, lost and she was done.  We went back to the pickup and waited.

Speaking of Vegas, did you see where Travis Pastrana is going to re-create some Evil Knievel motorcycle jumps in Vegas.  The History Channel is going to air these jumps LIVE on Sunday.

I was a kid when Evil Knievel was rocking the Wide World of Sports.  Every kid in the ’70s knew about Evil Knievel.  In fact, my first bicycle was a new Evil Knievel bicycle.  It had the same paint scheme as his Harley that he used to jump cars, buses and the fountain at Caesar’s Palace.  Or at least tried to jump those items.  This bicycle even had a plastic gas tank that clipped onto the top tube of the frame.  You guys know which top tube of the frame that I’m talking about.  Yeah, the one that if you made a jump, came down wrong, lost your footing on the pedals then you would rack yourself right on the tube.  Smashed Nuts!   I think that I got that bike for my birthday.  I got it new.  But, guess what my middle brother Jake got for his first bicycle?  Yeah, that same bike except Mom spray painted it blue.

While talking to Duke about Evil Knievel and that bicycle, I asked if he knew what the Wide World of Sports was?  He had heard of it.  But, he hadn’t seen it.  You know the video with that dude wiping out on the ski jump in the “agony of defeat”.  Yes, he has now seen it.

I needed to pick up a couple of straws of semen for a student to use to breed a cow.  I contacted the owners of the bull that we wanted to use and they said that they would hook us up.  I made a trip to meet up with them in order to transfer these straws into my tank.  Then, next week, these straws will end up in her cow.  I pulled out a checkbook to pay them.  You know what these gentlemen charged me for 2 straws of name-brand bull semen?  Nothing.  Nada.  Not a thing.  You know what they said?  I’ll tell you what they said.  “If it’s for a student, it’s free.”   That’s awesome!   And some people say that there isn’t any good left in stock shows.  I call B.S.  I know of some really,really good people that just want to see kids have a chance and do good.  In fact, I know of a lot of people just like these people.  They aren’t gambling, they are just betting on these kids.  All in!

I’m in a good mood on this Saturday afternoon.  I’m draggin donkey after spending the night in a parking lot, but I’m in a good mood.  And I heard that Tyke is smoking a brisket.  Can’t go wrong there people.

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