Monday…all day long

When you start a day by shooting a hole in your own barn door and catching a chunk of ricochet shrapnel in your left shin, and that is the highlight of your day, then you have had a crappy day. Welcome to my world! Those of you that know me are well aware of the fact that there is very little filter in between my brain and my mouth. This serves me well at times, but it also can get me into trouble. Some of you are also aware that I don’t normally respond to many text messages. I will read them but I don’t like to type them out.

I can dish crap out when I don’t like something. But I am also very capable of admitting when I was wrong and will apologize when I need to. I spent most of my afternoon apologizing for stuff that I screwed up on. Trust me, from now on, I will always double check who I am sending a text or e-mail to before I hit SEND. I caused problems without even trying to cause problems. Worse, I wasn’t even upset with the person I caused the problems with. It was 100% my fault. It is actually a dang funny story considering timing, things I said the night before about how I hate texting, irony and etc, etc. My wife is enjoying the fact that I am admitting fault and apologizing to some, and would to another, but she is justifiably not answering my calls. Nonetheless, it was my fault. My intentions actually were good, but I screwed things up worse than the government’s spending methods. The difference is, I am not blaming a republican or a democrat. My mistakes. My chance to apologize and try to fix it.

The moral of the story is first and foremost, when wrong–admit it, apologize, fix it and don’t do it again. I have always been a proponent of stepping back and realizing where the problem is. If you are the problem, fix it. Obviously, it is time for ol’ Kelln to take a dose of his own medicine. Several deals have gone sour and I am the common ingredient. Secondly, technology has changed the way people communicate. Texting, email, facebook, etc have removed face to face discussions. Several of the deals that I have apologized for involved texting and I am only guilty of actually sending one, but another caused my mouth to run when it should have been shut. That is not good. This blog deal is scary how many people read it and don’t actually know me. To be honest, I probably need to be more responsible with the stuff that I post on here. In closing, if you have personally been offended by me, my actions or words lately, I apologize. Also, you might want to double check yourself after reading this. We are all guilty.

Tomorrow, the iPod is going to be playing a song by Don Williams…”Lord, I hope this day is good.”

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