North Korea?  RUSM?!  Sometimes you feel a pain.  Other times it doesn’t feel like much and then you realize there is a stain in your drawers.  I guess we probably need to take this skidmark seriously.  There has been smaller nations with far less technology wreak havoc on the world than what north korea is capable–see World War II.  There is plenty of evil in this great world of ours.  With the current leadership (or lack thereof) of the U.S.A, now might be a good time for a piss ant country to pick a fight.  I mean, Dennis Rodman went as an ambassador to have a sit-down with this commie dictator.  How does that look for the once, all-powerful United States?  

     Speaking of evil, I have does in the barn.  $ doesn’t milk for crap.  No matter what they cost, dollars don’t buy a good momma.  I was hoping that Verlin would kid and I could move $’s kids to her.  But NO!!!  There were 8 does due to kid by Saturday.  Four have dominoed.  One of which had five.  That would be 5, cinco, funf (that would be German for FIVE).  Five kids out of one momma.  The good news, one was born dead and Verlin the dairy doe kidded an hour later.  However, Verlin has turned into an evil “female dog” and doesn’t want to claim one of them.  I’ve got a doe kid nursing off of Verlin, but she hasn’t claimed it, YET!!  So, in the mean time, B22 is raising 3 kids and Verlin is getting ready to add to her litter.

     The other four does that haven’t jackpotted yet, sound like a bunch of sows with all of the groaning and expanding.  I am afraid that a couple of them look like they could have a litter.  I’m not prepared.

     I was in shorts yesterday.  Today, quite a bit colder, windier and there is a dampness to the air.  Hopefully, we get more moisture out of this cold front.  

     We had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  The only eggs I hunted were some top notch deviled eggs (hhmm, deviled eggs on Easter?).  They were good, but my pickup stinks today.  Mom made a feast–prime rib, twice baked taters, salad, green beans, lemon mirangue (I don’t know how to spell it) pie, hot rolls, frog eye salad, and too much more to list.  My pants were at maximum capacity.  

We had quite the event here on Saturday evening.  My dad was homeless for the evening so he showed up for a meal.  My brother Jake and his tribe stopped in for a visit.  Uncle Jim came over.  Kela was home.  Then to top it off, two old Ellis county outlaws came by.  Johnny File and John Rakestraw came in and sat at the dinner table.  Considering that John Kelln, John Rakestraw and Johnny File were all together, I was pretty sure that there was an outstanding warrant from 1969 with these three hoodlums name on it.  Johnny File assured me that the statute of limitations had run out by now.  

      We have a new state champion at the Kelln Kartel.  Duke and a classmate won a state TSA meet this past week.  They have now qualified to attend national’s to be held in Orlando the end of June.  I don’t care where a kid finds success, just as long as they find it.  

     Today was good, but tomorrow will be better.  

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