Monday Motivation

     To start with, congrats to the Foraker family in Kansas.  They had a pretty good run at the Kansas Jr. Livestock Show.  Blake was the champion goat showman and Kaci was 3rd overall.  Then in the goat show, Kaci showed the res. grand wether.  Blake had a res. div. 2 wether.  Then in the sheep show, Blake had the res. grand wether lamb and once again, was champion lamb showman.  These kids can compete anywhere.  They should motivate more Kansans to keep up.  I hope the money at these Kansas shows gets better.  They need to in order to keep up with the quality of showman.  

     I spent the day hauling grass boards, news boards and horticulture exhibits to the Tulsa State Fair.  I borrowed my brother’s cargo trailer, so that I could keep the exhibits intact for the 4 hour trip.  These grass bundle boards are a butt-load of work, but really cool when done right.  These kids, parents and myself, have a donkey-load of time and effort in these things, so I don’t want them to be abused on the trip over, and for that matter, when they come home.  I was highly motivated to take care of the wreaths, grass boards and wall swags that I hauled.  I can tell you this, that Cimarron Turnpike is a rough SOB.  It will make the fillings vibrate out of our teeth.  But at least you can drive 80+ mph.  But the exhibits were all in good shape.  

     I made it back to Mooreland right after sunset.  And for some reason, the lights didn’t want to work on the trailer.  I checked the plugs, checked the ground–nothing.  Well, fart.  I didn’t want to mess with the local Mooreland fuzz and I knew I couldn’t dodge all of Woodward’s po-pos, so I started back-roading it.  This would cost me an extra 12 or 13 miles, but should save a ticket.  

     Upon taking the backroads, I made it to the Sharon-Shattuck blacktop.  This little piece of ashpalt is on my usual travels but for some reason tonight, it was almost as rough as the Cimarron Turnpike.  It was so rough, that 6 (YES–6) miles from the house, the trailer lights began to work–lit up like the 4th of July.  Oh well.  At least there were no tickets or serious problems.  

      Upon looking at my recent feed bill, I am getting VERY motivated to start thinning the herd of wethers in Duke’s pens.  It is a really good set and I don’t know which to get rid of, but there will be a thinning of the herd in the next two weeks.  If I was smart, (which I’m not) we would just auction pick and then show the “left-overs”.  And we would get along probably just as good.  

      It’s getting close to the 2nd breeding season.  Dirt is anxious.  A couple of young ones act like they know what to do.  They are motivated to go to work.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.