Monday, Monday

    Yes, it has been a Monday….all day long.  It could have been worse.  So, I’m not going to complain.  I’ll tell you about my weekend.  Kela flew back to OK for a wedding.  Tammy and Duke attended the wedding, then they all came back home Saturday afternoon.  All I can say, is that life in California is treating my girl good.  I didn’t want her to leave, but I’m glad that she is going to chase a dream.  I have faith in a few things.  She is a combination of my faith in numerous things–GOD, her upbringing, work ethic and a desire to do good.  I don’t like her being out there, but I respect it.  

      As a result of Kela being home, most of Tammy and I’s family came to the house on Sunday for cake and ice cream.  I hadn’t seen Tyke’s twins in dang neart a month.  Look out world–the twins are walking.  Grand-dad drove the BIG RV (or as Kela calls it–the tour bus) out on Saturday night.  They set up camp west of the big barn, unhooked the Dodge pickup, then went to watch the Arnett Promenade.  Yes, the stint is all he needed and things are good.  

       Tammy has a niece that is a senior at Arnett.  Let me just say that this girl is putting together one HELLUVA resume.  Madeline Rose Atha, more commonly known as Mattie, is the kind of kid that makes parents & grand-parents proud.  She is already an all-stater in softball.  But then she was recently named an Academic All-Stater.  WAY Impressive!   And yes, she is headed to OK State next year.  She’s a starter on a state tournament basketball team.  She has been to the National TSA contest several times, but not this year, as she has qualifed for National TSA, but also in a shooting event and she hasn’t done that one before.  So she’s going to go shoot.  Plus, she has bottle calves, horses and obviously a strong work ethic.  And as I am typing this, the Dragon Lady just brought me a copy of the Ellis County Capitol newspaper.  Guess what?  Mattie Atha has a cover story of her accomplishments.  All I can say, is that this is one really great girl that obviously has a an extemely good mother to make up for the father’s deficiencies.  Much like my own situation.  Yes, Todd, I’ll bring you a cold one at graduation.  Congrats to raising an impressive young person!  And there is a younger sister that is ready to make her mark.  Grandparents have got several years of watching grandkids excell in Ellis County.  Sarah will do well.  Duke will too.  Although, I just don’t think that we will have an academic all-state plaque in our house.  He’s smart enough, but that kind of thing just doesn’t interest him.  

      Speaking of Arnett and their Sr. Class.  They have 16 seniors this year.  4 of which made a 30 or higher on their ACT.  2 more have a 28.  They have won a state baseball title, a boys state basketball title, the girls have been to the state tourney in softball and basketball.  Dang?!  That’s good.  Congrats to that school and more importantly, to the parents of that set of kids.  Something worked right that year from Podunk to Harmon and south to Packsaddle that year or two.  

       Duke and the bottle baby rabbits are doing pretty good.  Foot had a hard time and didn’t make it.  Foot-Foot and Foot-Foot-Foot are thriving.  So, much like the joke, we have one Foot in the grave.  

      Congrats to Mattie and all the other stellar kids that are graduating this year.