Monday, Monday, Monday

I am back among the living.  I spent all of last week trying to keep from getting this flu bug.  Last Monday hit me hard as I was SORE!  But I though that it was a result of running a chain saw, hauling limbs and being fat and out of shape.  By Monday evening, I felt rough.  Over the next couple of days, I made it through the day.  Then back home to crash for a bit.  Thursday brought the Ag Boosters Auction.  It went well.  I only kind of had my voice, but we made it throught it.  

On Saturday, I had students going different directions to jackpots.  I decided to stay home and try to heal up.  I think that I will stay home more often.  One family had grand lamb at the sheep jackpot and several had breed champions.  Another family won the steer jackpot.  No need for me to go.  

Saturday afternoon brought a sinus infection.  Lots of snot and head cold.  I started the meds.  A tablespoon of honey with a 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon.  Then Tammy poured some kind of wintergreen stuff into a HOT bath for me.  By Sunday evening, all good.  

I sorted some heavy bred does that are due later this week.  I’m going to have start earning my keep around here.  So far this winter, all I have done is keep feeders full and hay out.  Times are changing.  

And this brought Monday.  And it was 72 degrees here in paradise.  Too nice!  There is still plenty of chances for winter to kick us square in the crotch.  There are several families in this part of the world that still don’t have electricity.  Some are now on day 16.  Can’t blame the linesman as they have been working every day.  But I am sure that these people are ready for some juice.  

Have a good one.