Monday A.M. thoughts

     We got almost an inch of rain last night.  That is a good thing.  But when you raise goats, guess what, something will have the shits today.  It rains–a goat shits itself.  It is just a matter of fact.

     We photoed, clipped, and wormed a pile of wethers yesterday.  Actually, we only photoed two for the Champions Choice online sale.  But we had a good crew here helping.  I think everything in life would be more fun if you always have Bob Seelke in the background doing commentary.  

     Helms’ buck sale starts today.  It should get kind of wild.  There are several outstanding prospects in that sale.  A couple of them are much better in real life than in the pics.  If you haven’t seen them, drive your happy ass out there today and look at them.  You will be impressed.